One of the incredible benefits of living in cohousing is having a built-in support system to help with raising children. Jenny Goodwin explores in Is A Cohousing Community For You? the lives of some families in Nevada City Cohousing, and their experience bringing up children in cohousing.

Chris and Caroline felt right at home: “Here we felt instantly plugged in. We found everything from recommendations about pediatricians and dog sitters, to where to get your car fixed. Plus, there was built-in encouragement from neighbor families. We had a natural support system right away.”

And the kids benefited from being in community by learning to socialize well with the neighbors. Genevieve had a very shy child, and "now his social skills have blossomed. He felt accepted and the kids were so welcoming.

Genevieve had actually returned to cohousing after being away for two years. “Almost immediately—pretty much from the moment my family arrived in San Francisco—I missed having that community always there. 
I said, What were we thinking?”

Her closing sentiment:
“…there’s certainly no place I’d rather be. This is what I’d want for every parent.”

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