January, 2019
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Love and Connection
February, with its chilly weather and indoor coziness, can be the perfect time to focus on love and connection. Here at Cohousing US, we’ve been thinking about the little things each individual can do bring more connection to their community. If you want to share the love with a kickstart to community connection, here are ideas for each day of February, 2019.
1 - Make an “I LOVE my community!” poster for your common house, decorated for Valentines if you like. 
2 - Take a book, newspaper or craft project to the common house. Hang out for an hour and see who passes by.
3 - Think of a neighbor you’ve missed spending time with lately. Set up a time to share a cup of tea and get caught up.
4 - Walk through your community. Say hello to the first person you see. Look them in the eyes and say with enthusiasm, “You are amazing!”
5 - Choose one corner of your common house and give it a deep clean, just because. Think of the people who most appreciate clean as you do it. 
6 - Post a photo of a favorite community memory in the common house where everyone will see it. Bonus if you write a story to go with it.
7 - Ask a neighbor who took a trip to share their pictures with you, even if the trip was some months ago.
8 - Imagine spring in your community. Make a plan to plant a flower or otherwise add to the spring beauty.
9 - Think of something you wish was different about your community. Ask others if they can help you change it.
10 - Ask an elder in your community to share a story about their early life.
11 - Think of something you love - a movie, a hobby, a sport, etc. Invite someone to share it with you. 
12 - Write down 5 things you love about your community. Put them somewhere you see them every day.
13 - Write a blog about life in community, submit it to karencohous@gmail.com for cohousing.org.
14 - Think of neighbors who may not receive a valentine this year - make them one. 
15 - Invite your neighbors for a spontaneous game night in the common house.
16 - Start making plans to attend that National Cohousing Conference May 30 - Jun 2. Invite your neighbors to join you.
17 - Invite your neighbors to a book club to discuss a favorite book. 
18 - Choose a task that is overdue in your community, invite a friend to do it with you.
19 - Take a walk around your community. Look at each house. Think of the things you like about the people who live there.
20 - Watch a WebChat and think about how to implement what you have learned to make your community stronger. There are four scheduled for February!
21 - Make something beautiful or tasty. Anonymously leave it on someone’s porch. 
22 - Think of the neighbor you know least well - invite them to dinner.
23 - Borrow something from your community lending library or tool supply.
24 - On a stroll through your community, take pictures of 5 beautiful things. Share them.
25 - Attend a meeting you normally wouldn’t to support the work and offer appreciation.
26 - Make a poster for your community bulletin board. Title it “I appreciate my community because . . . “ and invite others to list things they appreciate.
27 - Take 10 deep breaths - inhale gratitude for your community, exhale the muck that is part of the package.
28 - Write a note of appreciation - Let someone in your community know that you value them. Drop a note - it can be short - at their door or in their email. Repeat for every member of your community. (Perhaps a daily practice for March?)
Look who's coming to Portland!
We couldn't be happier with our presenter lineup for our 2019 Cohousing Conference. The full program is available for your delight on our conference website. Start planning now to join us for learning, laughter and health this May/June.
Thu, Feb 7, Ted Rau
Good Agendas & Minutes
Tue, Feb 12, Shelly Parks Onboarding Explorers
Wed, Feb 20, Yana Ludwig
Skills for Cooperative Culture
Mon, Feb 25, Alan O'Hashi
Retrofit Any Community
5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET
Mark your calendar for a full day of touring cohousing. Cohousing communities across the country will open their doors to share this way of life.

If your community would like to participate, click here to sign up.
How does a blog become a blog?
Anyone is welcome to submit a well-written and informative blog for publishing on our website. We hope you will share your cohousing stories and learnings with other communities. Submit to: karencohous@gmail.com
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Less-Obvious Reasons to Hire Professionals
T here is much knowledge a consultant can share that would come at a much higher cost through trial and error. It is this knowledge most communities consider when they are thinking of hiring, but there is a whole other set of reasons to hire an outside professional that communities are wise to take into account.
W hat makes people shift their thinking over time? I believe it is the lived experience of relationship. As we become closer and more connected to our neighbors that connection becomes the priority and the things that have made us comfortable in our solitary home matter less.
In the News
Senior cohousing an ‘antidote to the loneliness’ that hits people as they age
by Kathleen Pender of the San Francisco Chronicle
...J oAnna Allen called it “a great antidote to the loneliness that hits a lot of people.” She was familiar with cohousing, but her husband, Ken, was less gung ho. He came around “once he realized he could still have his privacy and independence,” she said.
Electric vehicle charger in Muir Commons example of rise in alternative energy
by Renee Hoh of The California Aggie
. ..M uir Commons has fostered a history of innovation, as it was the first new construction cohousing development in the United States when it was built in 1991. Additionally, the housing complex implemented its first electric vehicle charger 17 years ago and solar panels atop their Common Room several years ago, which was rare for residential areas.
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You may have noticed that the e-newsletter you are reading, Cohousing NOW, has a brand new look for 2019. Think of this as a harbinger of things to come, the new design is based on the colors and look of the new website, which will also make its debut in 2019.
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