December 2019
Cohousing Now!

2020 Vision
by Karen Gimnig and Karin Hoskin

As 2019 draws to a close, there is a lot for CohoUS to be proud of. We had our largest conference ever. We launched a new website with more and more accessible information. We gathered a group of Evergreen Neighbors who invest with ongoing financial support month after month. (Thank you!) We’ve helped dozens of communities connect with new members and hosted communications that help communities help each other across the country. A resource of 38 recorded WebChats connects cohousers with the wisdom and experience of experts in all aspects of cohousing.  

Even with all that to look back on, the more exciting view is forward. The work of 2019 has set us up to launch an even more exciting 2020. As the light gets longer day by day, we note that even the number of the coming year, 20-20 suggests the kind of clear vision we have for the cohousing movement. It is a vision that includes not only sidewalk conversations and shared meals, but also community outreach and compassion that expands far beyond the boundaries of our property. 

We see cohousers as change-makers, engaged in politics and community gardens and soup kitchens. We see communities inviting neighbors to share conversations and work parties and informational meetings into their common houses, bringing whole neighborhoods together to make positive change in the world. In those moments of connection, the story of our time becomes brighter, healthier and more whole.  

Most exciting for us, we see cohousers finding ways to offer cohousing to more and more people. Some are offering a spare room for rent, making room for one more in their community. Others pool their resources to purchase a unit and make it available for rent by a family that could not afford to buy. The burning souls are creating new communities from scratch with all the joy and frustration and accomplishment that brings. Those who have not yet found community they can afford, continue to hold the vision of cohousing for all, reminding us that for all we have already learned about how to do community, there are miles to walk before we sleep.  

As an association, we are all about bringing people together. When we come together and think about the characteristics that define cohousing, in this season of clear vision and growing light, we name what we see every day. Cohousing is generosity, curiosity, creativity, and vision. It is kindness and collaboration that flavor the “secret sauce” of community. Differences and conflict add a little spice. Passion and compassion give it fullness. Cohousing is abundance, health and a profound sort of wealth.  

As we look ahead to all we have planned for 2020 and the richness we cannot yet predict, we are grateful to be building such a bright future together with all of you. Happy New Year! 

Thank you Evergreen Neighbors
An Evergreen Neighbor is one who gives to CohoUS regularly, allowing more opportunity for the association to strengthen our roots as we branch out in new directions!  

Katie McCamant knows what a difference cohousing can make in the world, and how important the work of CohoUS is to creating more and better cohousing. Before midnight December 31 2019, Katie will donate $50 to CohoUS for every new Evergreen Neighbor (making an ongoing monthly donation in any amount).

Click Here  to join Katie in giving and become an Evergreen Neighbor.

Thank you Communities!
We cannot express our gratitude enough to these Communities who donated in 2019:
Acequia Jardin
Altair Ecovillage
Arboretum Cohousing
Arcadia Cohousing
Ashland Cohousing
Bellingham Cohousing
Berkeley Cohousing
Blueberry Hill
Burlington Cohousing
Cantine's Island Cohousing
Casa Verde Commons
Cascadia Commons Cohousing
Clearwater Commons
Coho Ecovillage
Cornerstone Village
Daybreak Cohousing
Durham Central Park Cohousing
East Lake Commons Cohousing
East Village
Fair Oaks Ecohousing
Flagstaff Cohousing
Frog Song
Great Oak Cohousing Association

Harmony Village
Higher Ground Cohousing
Island Cohousing
Jackson Place Cohousing
Jamaica Plain Cohousing
Liberty Village Cohousing
Manzanita Village
Meadow Wood Condominium
Milagro Cohousing
Monterey Cohousing
Mosaic Commons Cohousing
Nubanusit Neighborhood
Oak Creek Commons
Oakcreek Community - Stillwater
PDX Commons
Pioneer Valley Cohousing
Pleasant Hill Cohousing
Rocky Hill Cohousing
Shadowlake Village
Silver Sage Village
Songaia Cohousing
The Commons on the Alameda
Valverde Commons
Wasatch Commons
In 2020, the Cohousing Association is rolling out a new concept in cohousing education. We’ll be offering a few online conferences as well as partnering with communities and professionals around the country to offer a series of simple events in various locations throughout the year. 
What is Cohousing?
Kick Off Event Online

We’re kicking off our 2020 Simple Series with the very basics. Our Kick Off Event is a four hour online workshop covering what cohousing is and how it works.

This is perfect for seekers just beginning to learn about the cohousing way of life.
This event is for everyone who would like to understand what cohousing is from the very beginning. We’ll introduce cohousing vocabulary so you understand the jargon, and we’ll describe the components that make a community a cohousing community. If you’ve every wondered what is meant by “burning soul”, or how a “common meal” is different than a “potluck”, or why it matters whether you park in a garage or not, this is the event for you.

Bring your questions and join us for four hours a great information.

January 26, 2020
10:00 am to 2:00 pm Mountain Time

registration opening Jan 1, 2020

As a part of our 2020 Simple Series we're offering CohoUS’s first ever online conference .We’ll gather in Zoom rooms for a 6 hour event including a keynote, breakout sessions, opportunities for smaller conversations, and more.

We will gather from around the nation to discuss this challenging and vital topic of Affordability in the cohousing movement.

Recordings of all sessions available after the conference are included in your paid registration.

February 22, 2020 
10am-4pm MST

registration opening Jan 7, 2020
We'll be pausing the hosting of new WebChats while we concentrate on the launch of the Simple Series 2020. Recordings of past WebChats can be viewed here:
Have you had the opportunity to poke around the new CohoUS website?

Be sure to check out Laura Fitch 's contributions to this page on Site Design and the many things to consider.

Also, take a look at Laird Schaub's contributions to this page on Consensus .

Would you like to work with CohoUS staff in creating content for the website? If so, contact
CohoUS 2019 Annual Report

It was great to see many of you at our Annual meeting presented in an online webinar December 2, 2019. It began with a report from Alan O’Hashi about his experience of the value of cohousing and a plea for all of us to support the association. Our current board and staff were introduced, and Karin Hoskin reviewed our finances. We looked back on an incredible conference in Portland in 2019 and forward toward a whole series of events, the Simple Series that will fill 2020. Our generous Association Supporters were thanked for their support of the association and of the cohousing movement. We introduced new Community Launch and Professional Launch programs then finished off with a tour of our new website and all it has to offer. CohoUS looks forward to another year of building more and stronger connections among cohousers!

For the full report, watch the video   here .
We Welcome Your Stories
Some of our favorite blogs are stories by people just like you. Tell us about your favorite community experience, your biggest learning, the beautiful thing your neighbor did. We'd love to share it. Submit to:
How to Create and Agenda - Part 1
~Karen Gimnig

Careful agenda-setting is an essential element in preparing for a good meeting, and often an area where a little effort can make big improvements in meetings and community relationships.

Agenda creation includes two distinct parts. Part one: Choosing the topics to be discussed.

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How to Create and Agenda - Part 2
~Karen Gimnig

Careful agenda-setting is an essential element in preparing for a good meeting, and often an area where a little effort can make big improvements in meetings and community relationships.

Agenda creation includes two distinct parts. Part Two: Determining how those topics will be addressed.

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In the News
Regenerative, Sustainable Living Group - Cohousing

~Interview by Elders Action Network

Robert "Han" Bishop's experiences in transitioning to a cohousing lifestyle in southwest Colorado, including what it takes to live successfully and happily in cohousing.

click here to watch video
Cohousing: A housing alternative getting more interest

~Interview by Martin Moylan MPR News ~Photo credit: Christine T. Nguyen MPR News

Carol Tellett of Monterey Cohousing Community “You have to learn how to get along with a whole lot of different people and accept each other's ideas and work with them,” she said. “It wouldn't be for everyone. But if you want to really get to know your neighbors very well, it's a good way to live.”

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