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Boulder Conference Organic and Spontaneous

I arrived home at midnight after a long weekend in Boulder, attending the Regional Cohousing Conference. I should have been exhausted, but I was still energized by the gathering. A success by any measure, we had close to 90 folks attend, 2/3's from outside Colorado, including Minnesota, Mississippi, California, Texas, Missouri - even a few folks from Canada, and one from Australia! The conference program had a spontaneous flavor (Jim Leach described it as "cohousie" in organization), and thus allowed for abundant story sharing and organic issue discussion. Many who attended are part of forming groups, with lots of questions; others had enjoyed many years of cohousing life and were interested in ways to enhance the vibrancy of their community.

There were two sessions that particularly influenced me. read more 

Alice Alexander, Executive Director
Alan O'Hashi Wraps Up Coho Workshop @ Silver Sage Village - Sept. 27, 2014 Pix by H Kroll
Alan O'Hashi Wraps Up Aging in Place, how's it working? @ Silver Sage Village - Pic by H Kroll
Regional Cohousing Conference - Boulder CO
Sept 26-28, 2014   please share your experiences
NYC People's Climate March - A Neighborhood-Based Solution to Sustainable Living

Cohousers were a part of the NYC People's Climate March on Sept 21st, showcasing this great banner! Laura Fitch led about 20 people from Pioneer Valley Cohousing, and was joined by other cohousers from NYC Coho, NYC Cohousing Group, Katywil Farm Community, New View Cohousing (28 folks shown below via Jim Salem), and Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm, plus many others they collected along the way.


Aging Successfully 2014: October 6-10, Nevada City

To learn more about the aging in cohousing more

Community Size Does Matter by Sharon Villines

Community size does matter and will affect what kind of community you have, probably more than anything else. read more.

Harvard and AARP: Senior Housing a Crisis                   

Harvard and AARP say senior housing is the next big crisis, cites a new report. A good time to pull out the 2012 pro-cohousing report from Governing, the online news magazine of state and local governments, "Senior Cohousing May be the Next Real-Estate Trend." Katie McCamant suggests "This is one I would put in a bank financing package and/or give to appraisers."  read more 

Consensus or Sociocracy? Sharon Villines,

Question: We are 3 months into starting a cohousing community. We will soon be discussing how we will make group decisions. I don't think we have to reinvent the wheel. Consensus and sociocracy seem to be common strategies. Which do you recommend?

Sociocracy and consensus are not opposite things.. ..... read more

In principle, just because a person is talking does not necessarily mean they are contributing, or that they are the only one contributing. Most of the time in a group decision setting, listening is the best contribution we can make. It is through listening, not talking, that we develop understanding, compassion, and creative solutions.

Practical Tip: Bite your tongue, cool your jets. To listen, do not talk. Do not be distracted by planning your talk. If I let you talk first while I listen, it gives me some practical advantages. First, to hear where you are coming from helps me choose my words. You have likely provided me some new information that I can incorporate. Second, once you have your words out you are more likely to be open to hearing mine. Third, not talking gives me time to listen within. I help the group's decision process when I consider my inner thoughts, how I really feel about something, so that when my words are spoken they are aligned with inner truth.


End Notes
Call for National Conference Presenters: Deadline extended to Oct 3
Nat'l Cohousing Conference - Durham, May 29-31, 2015


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