April 2019
Cohousing Now!
Introducing Mary Kraus
...as our newest CohoUS BOD member!
Mary is a cohousing architect and facilitator who has worked with over two dozen communities in the US and Canada over the past thirty years. She was a founding board member of the Cohousing Network (now Coho US). She lives at Pioneer Valley Cohousing, the first cohousing community in the eastern US, where she can be found preparing dinner in the common house kitchen with her cook team.

Mary will be presenting at the national cohousing conference so be sure to say hi! In fact, keep your eye out for all of our CohoUS BOD members when in Portland!

Are YOU interested in becoming more involved in CohoUS as a BOD member? Let me know so we can be sure to connect in Portland at the 2019 National Cohousing Conference! karincohous@gmail.com
Why Bequeath to CohoUS
Has living in cohousing enhanced your life?

Making arrangements now to leave a portion of your estate to CohoUS is a positive way to impact the future of cohousing. Meet with your planner and discuss gifting through your will or living trust; and learn how these gifts can reduce your estate tax for your beneficiaries. You may earmark your gift for specific projects such education or advocacy.

We would like to honor you as someone who has arranged for a legacy gift, please contact me for further information. karincohous@gmail.com
National Cohousing Conference May 30-June 2
The theme is Community for the Health of it! We have tracks for those  new to cohousing , in a  forming community,   living in cohousing  and for  mature communities .

The conference is Saturday – Sunday, June 1-2, with Pre-Conference  Intensives and  Tours   offered in advance on May 30-31. And Sunday after the Conference enjoy  Open Houses .

Register HERE , registration s are selling out!
I believe...
I believe cohousing can change the world.
I believe community skills are essential for society.
I believe elders need community for their health.
I believe cohousing can raise the leaders our world needs.

post what YOU believe on our FaceBook group

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