Aug 2019
Cohousing Now!
Togetherness - CohoUS Staff Retreat

In cohousing we know what a difference is makes to be together in person, but as a national organization, most of CohoUS's communications happen by video call and email. This week we're breaking that trend with our first annual staff retreat. Karin and Karen are spending a week together, sharing ideas, walking, laughing, eating and getting a ton of work done. Karen is enjoying the hospitality of Wild Sage Cohousing and we're getting ready to launch our 2020 Simple Series. Next week we will return to Zoom, and it will work for us, but we'll look forward to our next chance to be together in real life, which is what cohousing is all about!

A Fun Game for your next common meal
Do you find yourselves talking about the same old things over dinner? This week change it up. Ask your neighbors how many of them contribute to the Cohousing Association of the United States. Do they love cohousing? Do they want everyone to be able to live this way? What are they doing to help the next generation of cohousers? Talking about supporting CohoUS may just give your neighbors the nudge they need to start joyfully giving to the movement they enjoy being a part of every day. For as little as $5-10 per month, they too, can be Evergreen Neighb ors.

Online Conference

Save the Date - 2/22/2020

The number 2 is a symbol of adaptability and consideration, faith and relationships. We're going to harness this energy for our first ever online conference:

An Affordable Conference on Affordable Cohousing

Are you a Communicator?

Do you like to read, write, gather information or edit text? The CohoUS Communications team could use your help spreading the word about cohousing. We work remotely, meet rarely and are happy to accept as much or as little time as you have to give. Contact Karen Gimnig at for more information.

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