February, 2019
Cohousing Now!
Website Progress
T he new website is looking great as we gear up for a launch in time for the conference. Now it is time for content! If you have expertise in any area relating to cohousing and would like to contribute to the website, please contact Karen at karencohous@gmail.com
Thinking Outside of the Box
T wice now we have now experienced community members that wanted to support CohoUS, but the line item had not made it through their community's budget process, so the members became inventive! On the general meeting agenda there was a note to request for people to bring their checkbooks. Once gathered together, they passed around pens and many chose to support the association and wrote a check in the amount of $25. Then someone bundled them up and mailed them to CohoUS (4710 16th St Boulder, CO 80304). If a community donation to CohoUS is not in your budget, please consider this option!

National Conference
T he excitement builds as the conference nears! We are thrilled to have our Presenting Sponsor UD+P Urban Development + Partners present for the event. Early Bird Discount pricing is available until March 4th; space is limited for pre-conference intensives and tours; discounted lodging available... register now !
We Want You Join the Cohousing Team!
T he “Fun”draising AKA ”Friend” Raising Committee is a great place to connect.
This can be fun, you get to talk to the folks who are most invested in Cohousing about what works for them and help strengthen the work for the organization. There are roles for “people “ types, administrative types, database types, and all-around thoughtful people. Fundraising Committee. Works with the executive director and Board to ensure there is a strategic fundraising plan. Members serve as “point people” on specific fundraising activities, with a focus on fundraising from communities, individuals or businesses.

"Party Planning" AKA Events Committee is a great way to help spread the word.
Cohousing conferences are not just one big party but also a fantastic way to gain knowledge and meet other cohousers; this takes some planning and we'd love to have your ideas. Help us create fresh updated marketing materials for National Cohousing Open House Day. If you are interested in recruiting cohousing professionals for WebChats or brainstorming topics, we could use your assistance.

Committees typically meet once a month for an hour via ZOOM video conference. Though appreciated, no experience needed, just your enthusiasm! Contact Karin at karincohous@gmail.com

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We'd like to introduce this mid-month eNews! Full eNews issue will continue to post on the last day of each month.
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