Jan 2020
Cohousing Now!
CohoUS and the Future

In 2020 five million millennials will turn 30 and different than earlier generations, they are just now entering the life phase of home buying. So what does that mean to cohousing? Well...we don't really know. What we believe is that the more people that know about cohousing, the more people will want it, and the more people that want it, the more will be inspired to create it.

So prepare your elevator speech, your power statement, your story ... and TELL THE WORLD!
Would you like on-line attendees to learn of your forming community's existence? Would you like communities local to your area to know of your professional service offered? Would you like to be known as the Premier Sponsor of the Simple Series 2020?

Contact karincohous@gmail.com if interested in sponsorship of the Simple Series 2020.
Simple Series 2020 Kick-Off Event!!
Join us January 26, 2020 for an online event to Kick-Off the Simple Series 2020!

This online kick-off event will be an introduction to cohousing, including a Review of Terminology, and these characteristics of cohousing:
Intentional Relationships
Social Infrastructure
Physical Design

There will be information presented and an opportunity for Q&A

 click here for more info
Simple Series 2020 Affordable Conference on Affordable Cohousing
Join us 2/22/2020 for our first ever online conference - an Affordable Conference on Affordable Cohousing

We’ll gather in Zoom rooms for a 6 hour event including a keynote, breakout sessions, opportunities for smaller conversations, and more. 

We’ll be talking about affordability in cohousing all day long. Recordings of all sessions available after the conference are included in your paid registration.

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Simples Series 2020 events:
Rocky Corner Cohousing in Bethany Connecticut will be hosting an on-site event Saturday April 25 , details will soon be posted here

The Commons on the Alameda in Santa Fe New Mexico will be hosting an onsite event and tour in October , details will soon be posted here
National Cohousing Open House Day
Save the date Sunday April 26, 2020 for National Cohousing Open House Day. Look for details including a list of communities participating, how to register your community, marketing materials and fun ideas in the Jan 31 eNews
Calling all writers! We hope you will share your experiences in cohousing, your visions and dreams for community, and your ideas for even better cohousing.

We'd love to share your blog post with our audience of cohousers and on our website. Please send submissions of any length to Karen Gimnig at karencohous@gmail.com

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