mid-March 2019
Cohousing Now!
Get to know our conference presenters! For those new to cohousing the long list of conference offerings can make it hard to choose. Fortunately you can get a preview of many of the presenters by watching their WebChats. We can't promise to narrow your list, all of our presenters are pretty fabulous, but you might discover the ones that you click with most. All prior WebChats are available for viewing at this link

For Example: Architect Grace Kim explains common house acoustics in her 3/6/19 WebChat. Did you know that covering one wall completely with acoustic material will help more than covering parts of two opposite walls? Grace explains why this is so, and she offers suggested materials and plenty of tips on what works and what doesn't.  

See the WebChat schedule at this link
We want you
 Conferences are a wonderful opportunity to support the spread of cohousing and welcome new people and a wide range of diverse folks with a variety of means, backgrounds, and interests. We need your help to make the conferences accessible to a larger group of people and thus also help us spread the good word about cohousing. 

This year, we are especially reaching out to millennials that may need some assistance and encouragement to attend a conference. Your consideration and donation would be much appreciated by both the Conference Committee and Board of The Cohousing Associations of U.S. and these potential attendees.
I look forward to seeing you at the conference in May,
Ann Lehman,
Conference CoChair and
CohoUS BOD member

Parenting in Portland
Living in cohousing has many benefits for young families. Regular interactions with neighbors inspires trust, confidence, and positive self-worth for youth. They create deep and lasting bonds, and learn how to respect others by starting next door. Parents in cohousing can rest assured that they are in a supportive and safe neighborhood, surrounded by those who know and care about one another. Buying into cohousing is comparable to buying a single-family house, with the added values of having more green space and security of neighbors watching out for one another. For young families, cohousing is priceless.

Here are a few upcoming Portland conference sessions we think would be of interest to parents and younger adults who may be planning a family:

Open Houses in Cohousing
Are you seeking a community or forming one? Take a look at the list of participating communities and visit one!

Do you live in a community and would like to open your community's doors, welcome people in and show them how great community life is? Become a participating community!

"We don’t have any homes for sale in our community, but my community (with my lead) is committed to participating in the Open House to 1) encourage locals to give consideration for when we do have homes for sale again, and 2) to show the world that it is indeed possible for neighbors to work collaboratively and (shocking!) FUN!"
- Katie McCamant

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