May 2019
Cohousing Now!
E vergreen Neighbors
You know the world needs more cohousing, and you know that CohoUS is all about bringing more cohousing to the world. What you may not know is that CohoUS needs your help to continue doing this important work. Thanks to generous support we have been able to expand our program to include WebChats, a new website, a new cohousing brochure and more. To keep these great programs and add even more (we have some great ideas in the pipeline) we need your ongoing investment.

This is where the Evergreen Neighbor campaign comes in. "Evergreen" meaning ongoing monthly support from those who value cohousing and all the ways cohousing makes the world a better place. "Neighbor" because we are all neighbors in the cohousing movement. What better place to roll out an Evergreen campaign than our upcoming conference in the Great Northwest?

Our goal of 250 Evergreen Neighbors by the end of conference will allow us to continue WebChats, the expansion of our website and our many other services. Please sign up now to help us reach that goal. If you are coming to conference we’ll thank you for your participation with an Evergreen sticker on your name badgen with friends to enter a raffle at our Evergreen Neighbor pre-show. If we’ll miss you at conference, now is a great time to support a great organization.

What does it cost to be an Evergreen Neighbor? That’s entirely up to you. Sign up now to make a recurring monthly donation in the amount that is right for you. $10, $25 or $100 per month all pull together to make the world a better place through cohousing.
New Website This Month!
Among the many exciting events at conference, CohoUS will roll out the new Whether you will be with us in Portland or enjoying community at home, log on to during the conference to explore our clean new design and expanded resources!
Conference Intensives
It's not too late to sign up for a Pre-Conference Intensive in Portland. Half Day and Full Day programs are available in many of your favorite cohousing topics on Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31. Sign up now for best selection.

Connect at Conference
Besides the great sessions and information, conference will include many opportunities for us to connect with each other as the movement that is cohousing. Look for these:
  • Dinner out! Attend dine arounds Thurs night
  • Birds of a Feathers tables - connect with others who share your interests
  • Find a cool new CohoUS bookmark
  • Pick up a flier of all the ways to collaborate with CohoUS

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