CohoUS would like to continue the evolvement of
'Collective' > 'Consortium' > 'Regions' > 'Birds of a Feather'
and introduce our new committee > Affinity Groups

These groups all have some common thread. That thread might simply be cohousing and the affinity is their geographical location. There may be a group of people interested in banding together to make policy change in housing at a state or federal level. Or perhaps it is people of similar beliefs or unique hobbies wanting to connect to others within the cohousing world. Whatever the thread is, we'd like to help connect you.

Once you've established connections, consider what to do with them. We know why cohousing is good for us as individuals, but can the group demonstrate to the world how living in community can make the world a better place? What can we collectively offer besides shared interests?

Explore new connections here through the CohoUS Affinity Groups ( click here )