Together they envisioned a new day for cohousing:

Cohousers across the country are collaborating to share ideas, pool resources, and expand the impact of cohousing through new communities and into the broader world.  The CohoUS staff is busy coordinating all the great input from experienced cohousers and cohousing professionals. News and information about the great opportunity that is cohousing is being actively shared through many media outlets. Collaboration with values-aligned movements is bringing even more people to cohousing.  

What this means for communities is that every open space is filled with a knowledgeable, eager cohouser.  New energy as revitalized word days and common meals. Consensus workshops are available online and in every state and communities meetings are warm and collaborative. When communities get stuck they turn to website resources and other communities for help and ideas. Work is getting done, problems are solved, and oh look, Sally is interviewing James for a school project. Joe is learning to garden from dear Ava who can’t get on her knees any more. Smiles and laughter, and shared tears too.  

Karin and Karen look at each other, smiling  at their vision - This is what cohousing can be, with everyone contributing as they are able to keep the cohousing movement thriving and bringing positive change to our nation.  They are counting on you to join your cohousing neighbors and make this world a reality. Donate here .