What does it mean to live in community?

A Word from Your Chief Engagement Officer


Two months into my tenure as your association's executive director, I'm still jazzed; I'm living proof that doing what you love creates abundant energy! While my initial priority is to stabilize the association with needed resources, and engage with stakeholders, we are also pursuing education, research, and affordability initiatives. Our agenda revolves around you, and I encourage you to read our strategic plan on the NEW website] I also encourage you to email me to share your stories and ideas, and to consider getting involved


As we say goodbye to Michelle Rasa (operations manager), and Barbara Bansenauer, (advertising manager), we are grateful for their contributions to Coho/US. We are delighted that Neil Planchon has joined us as Ads Manager and Marketing Director. Neil is a founding resident of Swan's Market Cohousing, has a long history with Coho/US and we will benefit from his talents and connections. Neil will be responsible for connecting folks to opportunities and services, while helping to build our national community through networks and outreach.


This issue launches our new Coho/US website, designed to be a connector and resource clearinghouse. Please bookmark and visit often!

I look forward to connecting with each of you.

Alice Alexander

Executive Director

Our New Website is Here!

I'm happy to announce the launch of our new website at http://www.cohousing.org. We don't promise to have gotten it 100% right, but it's a vast improvement over what we've had, and we hope that you will check it out, use it, and let us know what you think.


Thank you to Marty Maskall, Ann Zabaldo, Sheila Hoffman, and especially Muriel Kranowski for great work during the month of our beta, and to Sharon & Daniel for helping to create a new icon for the site.  If you do have problems finding anything, or if something doesn't work on your computer, tablet, or phone, it's not fault of theirs! Please let me know.


Late breaking news:  if you have bookmarks that have https in them instead of http, they will definitely NOT work.  Other bookmarks have a good chance. (geek info available here)


        - cat


Catya Belfer

Technical Director & Volunteer Website Builder

Tours & Events

Announcing the 2015 National Cohousing Conference

By Alice Alexander

May 29-31, 2015: Durham Convention Center - Durham, North Carolina: Come learn, share and enjoy! The national conference features cohousing and community building experts, and provides amazing networking opportunities. Presentations will offer everything from cohousing basics, designing and building communities, and enhancing life in cohousing. Opportunities will abound to learn from our shared experiences, and how we can contribute to cohousing sustainability and affordability. Gatherings of affiliated groups will add value and benefit.

read more about announcing the 2015 national cohousing conference

New Cohousing opportunity in Northampton Massachusetts

By Laura Fitch

Kraus Fitch Architects is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with Transformations, Inc in developing a new cohousing community as part of the Village Hill neighborhood development in Northampton. We have been holding informational meetings about cohousing and the potential for this new community. The first two meetings were very successful, with approximately 85 people attending in total. There's another scheduled opportunity to see the preliminary informational slideshow:

read more about new cohousing opportunity in northampton massachusetts


Senior Cohousing Forum 

A Senior Cohousing Forum will be offered July 12th in San Rafael, just north of San Francisco. Co-sponsored by Coho/US, this is a collaboration between two cohousing groups (Wolf Creek Lodge and Phoenix Commons) as well as forming groups in Marin County, and McCamant & Durrett Architects and CoHousing Partners. Hosted by the UU Congregation of Marin. Email info@wolfcreeklodge.org.


Neighborhood USA Conference - Cohousing was there!

Nearly 600 participants attended Neighborhood USA's 29th annual conference May 21-25 in Eugene, Oregon, and Oakleigh Meadow, Eugene's first cohousing neighborhood, was there with them promoting cohousing as an exciting, burgeoning model for building strong neighborhoods. read more about neighborhood usa conference - cohousing was there!

Reinventing Community

Greyrock Commons, Fort Collins, Colorado: Growing Pains, Trials, and Triumphs, by Katharine Gregory

"So, what's this crazy living situation you're into this time?" my longtime friend Lindsey asked me over the phone from the East Coast. That was shortly after I'd left a voice mail message for her trying to tell her about the cohousing neighborhood my husband and I planned to move into.

"Well, this time," I told Lindsey and others (as opposed to last time), "the community I am moving into isn't based on a spiritual practice. It is based instead on the idea of an old-fashioned neighborhood, where people know each other, help each other, and share resources. And like many cohousing communities, at Greyrock Commons (named for the view of Greyrock Mountain), the neighbors hail from varying backgrounds, ethnic groups, and religious and political beliefs."

"But does everyone get along?" Lindsey later asked me skeptically while standing in the kitchen of my new home during a visit. Read more...


Cohousing Blogs

Something Good has Begun

By Bill Hartzell, President, Coho/US

I have the first verse of Cat Steven's "Peace Train" swirling in my noggin. "Now I've been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come. And I believe it could be, something good has begun." The tune is in my head because Coho/US has gotten off to an excellent start this year. In the last few months you may have read or heard about our efforts in bits and pieces. If I may briefly share our recent key accomplishments with you, I believe you will understand why I am feeling happy.

read more about something good has begun

What does it mean to live in community?

By Alice Alexander

What does it mean to "live in community" as we do in cohousing? This sounds wonderful, but the concept is hard to explain. I was struck a couple of Sundays ago, listening to my minister's sermon (Rev Deborah Cayer, Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham, NC), by her exploration of this concept and the alignment with cohousing principles.

read more about what does it mean to live in community?
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