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November 2016
The Effect of the Election 
on the Healthcare Industry
by Max Reiboldt, CPA | President/CEO  and 
Ellis "Mac" Knight, MD | Senior Vice President/CMO 
at Coker Group

Well, the results of the 2016 national election are in, and the people have spoken! The question now is what will Donald Trump's election as the 45th President of the U.S. mean to the healthcare industry. Coker Group doesn't claim to have any special inside information in this area, but we do believe the following statements may be of value to many of our clients as they face a somewhat indefinite future.
External Value-Based Incentives: What Should You Do With Them?
by Justin Chamblee, CPA | Senior Vice President at Coker Group  
As the healthcare reimbursement paradigm changes, reimbursement is coming from new places and in new forms. No longer is the totality of reimbursement fee for service; it now comprises all sorts of payments, whether they be capitation, shared savings distributions, pay for performance incentives from third-party payers, PQRS and/or Meaningful Use incentives, etc.
The Importance of Accurate Cost Accounting in Healthcare Delivery
by Ellis "Mac" Knight, MD | Senior Vice President/CMO  at  Coker Group

I once worked in a healthcare system where our senior leadership team was taken to task by a quality consultant for not knowing basic facts about our clinical outcomes, such as mortality rates, complication rates, readmission rates, etc.
I now work as a financial healthcare consultant and am continuously disappointed in how little most health system leaders know about their basic cost structure. I'm not talking about budgeted to actual expenses, which most CFOs can tell you down to the penny. Rather, what does it costs to perform the most common processes and procedures in the organization, such as taking out someone's gallbladder, delivering a baby, treating an episode of pneumonia, or caring for a diabetic patient?

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Coker Group, a global healthcare consulting and financial services firm that provides operational and financial solutions to healthcare organizations throughout the US and abroad, seeks well-qualified candidates for these positions:

  • Chief Medical Officer, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, Alamogordo, NM
  • Chief Executive Officer,  Northwest Surgical Specialists, Eugene, OR
  • Assistant Vice President- Patient Care Services, Cardio Vascular Services, DCH Health System, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Director of Purchasing, Genesis Health System, Zanesville, OH
  • Executive Director of Facilities and Campus Operations, Springhill Medical Center, Mobile, AL
  • Chief Executive Officer, Children's Specialty Group, Norfolk, VA
  • Vice President/Senior Vice President for HIT Consulting Services, Coker Group, Alpharetta GA

Candidates interested in learning more about these opportunities should forward a resume to:
Charles L. Nagle, President
Nagle & Associates
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