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As usual for this time of year, a lot going on!  Our guides have been busier than ever this year, despite the need of rain.  We have several classes, some great new products, a new website that will launch by November 1.  Hope you are getting on the water and tight lines!
Steven Brugger
Lake Erie Ultimate Angler
Sub Zero Waders
Redington Sub Zero Waders
This is the most excited I have been about a new product in years.  Seriously, years!  In my opinion, the best steelhead fishing happens when there is snow on the ground.  Only problem?  A bit cold!  Redington has a new ground breaking wader that is going to let us stay on the water longer!  The best part?  The price.  They are only $199.00!!!!  Definitely worth a pair to fish the colder months in comfort!  They have neoprene up to the mid thigh, which then transfers to waterproof breathable fabric...genius!  Also, the best handwarmer I have ever seen!  We now have these in stock, so come take a look!
Sub Zero Details
Steelhead Classes
Steelhead 101 and 201
We have some classes coming up, and wanted to tell you all about them.  Steelhead 101 is a free in store class, which covers the basics of fly fishing for steelhead.  The 201 is an on the water class which cover actual technique, and lasts from 9:00-3:30.  The cost of 201 is $150, and includes a booklet, some flies, and a special coupon.  101 is from 9:00-12:00 this saturday, and is the last one of the season.  The 201 is on the 10/27 and again on 11/10.  Sign up is required for both classes.  We recommend, but don't require 101 prior to 201, as we will be focusing on technique rather than gear and flies in this class.  For more info go to here.
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April Vokey
April Vokey Classes
We will have April Vokey in the shop to do some classes on November 4th.  Class sizes are very limited!  She will doing a class on the water focusing on Switch rod and Spey rod techniques.  Cost is $100.00.  She is one of the best out there, so don't miss this unique opportunity!  She will also be doing a fly tying class.  The cost of this class is $50.00 per person, and again, size is limited!  If you are interested, sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot.
Spots must be paid in advance.
April Vokey