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April  2014

Message from the Executive Director 

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Dear Coldstream Community,


It appears that spring has finally arrived and the snow and ice of this past winter is behind us.  This newsletter hits a variety of topics to keep you up to date on what is happening on the Coldstream Research Campus as you enjoy the fresh air and warmer temperatures. 


Please pay special attention to the link to what is now our annual survey of Coldstream companies to determine the employee count and average wage of the Coldstream community.  The answer to these 8 questions will be very helpful in attracting new businesses and amenities to north Lexington.


Best of luck to you and your organization for the rest of 2014.

- George Ward

jogger on park trail Coldstream Parks & Recreation Events 


If you are not aware, Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) operates a 225-acre park within the boundaries of the Coldstream Research Campus. This park area includes a 10-acre fenced in dog park and a long stretch of the paved pedestrian / bicycle Legacy Trail. 


LFUCG Parks and Recreation host race events on the roads and trails around the research campus on nearly every weekend through the warmer months, usually on Saturday or Sunday mornings. The Coldstream administration staff works closely with LFUCG and has strictly stated that no roads are to be closed during the races so that the employees and visitors of Coldstream companies can have access to their buildings.


April 12th Traffic Congestion Notice: Most LFUCG events are small, but a very large crowd is expected for an upcoming event on April 12th called the "Color Me Rad 5K." This event is expected to start at 8a and finish by 1p. There will be congestion and some people trying to get to company buildings could be inconvenienced. Please adjust your Saturday, April 12th schedule as you see appropriate. 

Employer Survey


At this time of year, the Coldstream administration office conducts a survey of each company and organization to determine the total number of employees on the research campus.  Other information learned from the survey includes the average wage of employees and how many University of Kentucky Alumni and current students are working or interning at Coldstream companies.  It is important for each company or organization to have the appropriate person fill out the survey that can be found at this link.


Results from last year's survey:

  • 61 companies and organizations
  • 1,435 employees (since that time Eastern State Hospital opened and several other companies moved in or expanded)
  • $65,272 average wage
  • 211 UK Alums and 67 UK students worked on the campus
Construction Projects


There are currently three construction projects taking place on the Coldstream Research Campus:    


 1. The existing 1648 McGrathiana building is making improvements to the exterior grounds.  This project includes better accessibility to the front door of the facility and the addition of more convenient handicap and visitor parking.  It also enables better access to the large parking lot on the northeast side of the building.     
2. A new building is being constructed on the south side of Citation Boulevard that will house Henry Schein Animal Health.  This facility is expected to open in December 2014 and fits in well with the cluster of other animal health organizations on the research campus.  
3. Bio-Swale Project
Bio-Swale Project


On the inside of McGrathiana Parkway, across the street from Tempur Sealy International, Coldstream is constructing Phase 1 of its Bio-Infiltration Swale project more commonly termed a bio-swale. The planned basin will be planted with native Kentucky species that will help to capture impurities in the water prior to it reaching the Cane Run Creek, including petroleum residue from parking lots upstream. Shortly, there will be interpretive educational signage on the bridge to explain the function and identify key elements.


Phase 1 features a weir (a barrier to alter the flow of water) to slow the storm water as it turns to pass under the bridge at McGrathiana. During major storm events water may collect in the basin that is being created.  This should drain out within an hour after the event.


At the same time, on the other side of the street, a new section of the shared pedestrian trail is being constructed to tie into the Legacy Trail. It will begin at Tempur Way, cross the bridge, then join into the Legacy Trail providing access for bicycle and pedestrian travel. Pervious concrete, concrete made with little or no sand to enable water to pass through to prevent direct runoff into the Cane Run Creek, will be used in the low lying flood plain areas closest to the Legacy Trail.


Future phases depicted in the illustration are subject to approval by the EPA in conjunction with LFUCG's restoration of the Cane Run Creek section between Citation Boulevard and the Interstate. 

Connect with the University of Kentucky


Coldstream Research Campus is your connection to the researchers, students, and resources at the University of Kentucky. UK is one of the few universities in the country with agriculture, engineering, pharmacy, a top research hospital and a national cancer center on one campus. Coldstream works closely with UK's Office of Corporate Partnerships, the primary point of entry for the business community.


Coldstream connects industry with UK through strategic partnerships, project collaborations, student opportunities, and sponsored research.  If you need an introduction to UK Research, a particular college, the Career Center, or the UK Office of Corporate Partnerships, contact George Ward at 859-231-8324.

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