This month's edition of  Foster Care Footnotes  is one that we encourage you to share with your Foster Parent Champions or others who help support your recruitment and retention efforts.

The word collaborating seems so formal, doesn’t it? Instead, for this Footnotes let’s ask the question, “So, whatcha’ doin’?” When I think of the amazing, growing group of Foster Parent Champions, I don’t picture formal. I picture loving, gracious, creative folks who have the best of intentions and are willing to go the extra mile when assisting their agencies with recruitment and retention of foster parents. The best thing about asking another Foster Parent Champion, “So, whatcha’ doin’?” is that you will get a person who is excited to share their recruitment and retention wins and willing to collaborate on what they could be going better. 

But the question stands: There are Foster Parent Champions all over the state, so where does this type of communication take place? Glad you asked! The Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families is hosting a Foster Parent Champion idea exchange on Saturday, June 29th from 8:30-11:00 in Pewaukee. (Upcoming dates around the state are forthcoming, as well.)

Also, did you know that the Foster Parent Champions have a Facebook page? It is a fantastic space to share photos, ideas, and to get to know one another. Hope to see you there and hear about what you've been doing!