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Thanks for your interest in EVLT's latest news.  Read about these and other important updates below:
  • Collaboration wins the day!
  • Realtors, Rotary, & HOA engagement
  • EVLT releases mapping study
  • How to make a tax-deductible donation to support our work
  • And more!
EVLT Stewards Important County Relationship
Collaboration wins the day, every day

Conserving land forever is more effective through collaboration. Eagle Valley Land Trust has a strong working relationship with the Eagle County Commissioners and Eagle County Open Space. This will serve our community well into the future as Eagle County's population continues to grow and preserving open spaces in and near our communities becomes even more important. 

For example, when Eagle County Open Space dedicates funds to a project, it usually only contributes a fraction of the total cost. This is because EVLT works hard to bring as many partners to the table as possible so your Open Space tax dollars go farther.

EVLT has a strong working relationship with Eagle County's commissioners

EVLT recently held its annual Board Summit. In attendance from EVLT were board members Susan Johnson, Larry Agneberg, Hope Kapsner, and Andie Bombard (President), and Executive Director Jim Daus. Representing Eagle County were Toby Sprunk (Director of Eagle County Open Space), County Commissioners Jill Ryan, Kathy Chandler-Henry, and Jeanne McQueeney, and Eagle County Manager Brent McFall.

Topics discussed included current projects, funding challenges, and opportunities for further collaboration.
EVLT increases community engagement...

EVLT recently presented to a local group of realtors highlighting how land conservation benefits property values and the overall appeal of our community. The Wall Street Journal said, " Open Spaces Equal Higher Prices. Call it the flora-and-fauna effect: Home  buyers will pay a premium to live near open, undeveloped land." EVLT and realtors make great partners as both seek to educate our community and visitors about quality of life factors which include open space, wildlife habitat, scenic vistas, and clean air and water.

From Rotary meetings and homeowners association meetings to events like TEDxVail, every opportunity to engage the community is important. EVLT has stepped up efforts to highlight the many reasons land conservation is integral to our community's well-being

Your support helps EVLT's message and mission resonate throughout the community, and contributes to our successes in local land conservation. 

If you would like us to present at your next meeting or gathering, please call or email Tom Wessel at 970-748-7654 or twessel@evlt.org. We look forward to it!
EVLT Mapping Study Shows Effects of County Growth

EVLT, utilizing its in-house mapping capabilities, has completed an important mapping study. The map accessed by clicking here shows that of all land within 2 miles of I-70, 2 of every 3 acres has been developed or subdivided.

Another, accessed by clicking here shows that less than 2% of all land in Eagle County has permanent conservation and over 30% of all private land in the County has already been developed or subdivided. With the population of Eagle County set to grow significantly in the next 25 years, your support of our work is more important than ever. These maps help us to communicate the challenges and opportunities for the future of this great place. Please call us if you would like more information.
Did you know...

...the results of EVLT's Land Conservation Station social space at TEDxVail? EVLT asked members of the crowd to answer the question "If you could save one special place in your community, where would it be?"  The conversations generated were thoughtful and engaging.  The top 3 responses were telling:

1) Meadow Mountain
2) Sylvan Lake
3) East Lake Creek

...Eagle County's population is set increase by 41,000 in 25 Years? On January 4, 2016, the Vail Daily chronicled Eagle County's growth over the past three decades, and reported that "Eagle County ranks as the seventh fastest growing county in the state." Over the next 25 years, Colorado's State Demography Office predicts the population will grow from 53,000 in 2015 to 94,000 by 2040. Will the Eagle County to which they are introduced be as beautiful as as it is today? Read the Vail Daily article by clicking here.

The financial support of EVLT by people like you who care deeply about the future of our great community can help preserve more land for all to enjoy. 
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