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The newly constructed Vermeer Applied Technology Hub located in the Iowa State University Research Park, houses public-private collaborations that advance economic development and innovation. 
On the first floor of the building, Vermeer Corporation partners with Iowa State to test drive talent and bring the next generation of smarter machines to their company, giving students and employees a rare opportunity to work on projects from conception, to experimentation, to product development.

The ISU Startup Factory recently moved to the second floor of the building as it prepares to cultivate its second cohort of entrepreneurs who are working to bring their innovations to full scale commercialization. In week 16 of the 52-week program, the first cohort has been exceptionally successful.
The ISU Startup Factory secured a $200,000 capital investment award this fall, which will help Iowa State become a leading entrepreneurial center. Additionally, the cohort has collected nearly $2 million in external funding. Over the next five years, the goal is to position Iowa State as one of the top five universities in the nation for startups.

To celebrate the successful launch of the Vermeer Applied Technology Hub and to showcase the progress of the ISU Startup Factory, both groups will host the   Vermeer Applied Technology Hub Premiere on Thursday, October 13, from 4-6 p.m. 

At the conclusion of the formal program, ISU Startup Factory cohort members will pitch their business ideas on a "soapbox stage" in the center of the facility's shop space. The startup companies will be available to share further information and answer questions about their businesses throughout the event. 

"This event really showcases what is possible when a globally recognized leader like Vermeer partners with Iowa State," said Mike Crum, Vice President for Economic Development and Business Engagement. "In one part of the building, Vermeer is focused on building smarter machines, and in another we are commercializing the latest in technology and creating companies through the ISU Startup Factory. This event truly showcases the entire ecosystem of what our economic development efforts are all about."

Vermeer Applied Technology Hub
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