April 2021
Collaborative INSIGHTS
Who Is Global Food Collaborative?

We are a collaborative of professionals in health and food businesses that are coming together to increase our individual and collective momentum on preventative health and reversal of chronic disease in concert with our natural world. Think of us as an integrated B2B supply chain.
Bambino's Baby Meals
Hear directly from the founder of Bambino's Baby Meals, Zoi Maroudas. She is squarely at the intersection of evidence-based health and nutrient-dense foods. A medical professional, Zoi took on the development of an entirely new formula and process that has unprecedented health outcomes and reviews by parents.

Hey 2021. I’ve Got This

Tawas, Michigan, located on the western edge of Lake Huron (Great Lakes) is the summer destination for hosts of visitors arriving via land and water. Tawas is also the year-round home to Owens Custom Catering, a well-established business with a clientele that consists of local families and businesses as well as a myriad of seasonal visitors from across the globe.

Breakout Regenerative Leadership

What was the transformational trigger for Deanna and Kelly Lozensky?  

What catapulted this North Dakota family to adopt a whole health view of their world and adopt best practices of regenerative soil and farm management on their 4th generation farm?

Things Have Changed
You will note that I'm using my same picture from the original Collaborative INSIGHTS newsletter. Do I look the same? No. Does Global Food Collaborative look the same? No.

I promise I'll update my photo for the next issue.

In the meantime, let me update you about Global Food Collaborative, LLC.

Our Why

We believe that food is an essential medicine and every link in the food chain is integral to promoting health and staving off disease.
We believe in seeking out the root cause of disease as it relates to the food we consume and solving for that and not for the symptoms of disease.
We believe in an integrated food and health supply chain driven by diverse professional practitioners. (Physicians, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Scientists and Researchers.)
We believe food grown and harvested specifically for healing is in its infancy.

A Whole Health Approach For Culinary Medicine
Dr. Mike Fenster is a Board-Certified Interventional Cardiologist, Professor of Culinary Medicine, Author and Professional Chef. In this one-on-one, He speaks directly to the health needs for culinary medicine and the cutting edge program at the University of Montana.

Here he speaks to us about the need and opportunities of a culinary medicine program. The target audience? You'll be surprised. We said whole health!

Member / Stakeholders
Harvester/Grower | Practitioner/Coach | Author/Film/Podcaster | Chef/Restaurant Owner | Natural Market/Coop Wholesaler/Retailer | Testing Diagnostics | Health Coach/Wellness Director | Farmers Market/CSA/Specialty Market Manager | Integrative/Functional /Naturopathic Physician | Nutritionist/Dietician/Herbalist | MD/DDS/PsyD Practicing In Nutrition | Natural Food/Beverage Manufacturer/Processor | Owner/Operator Learning Business | Supply Chain Partner (Adding Value Along The Chain)