August 2013 Newsletter

Have you been keeping up with our summer activities? Read below to find out our collaborative updates! Also, it's not too late to join us for our food justice workshop series in East Oakland happening today!
HOPE Project Leader Spotlight: Leon Davis, Steering Committee Co-Chair
Leon Davis, Steering Committee Co-Chair
This month, we would like to recognize Leon Davis for his contributions to our collaborative.

Leon's participation in HOPE Collaborative began in the planning phase, when he was elected as co-chair of the Local Sustainable Economic Development action team.  Since that time, he has helped shape the structure of the collaborative so we can best implement our work.  For the past two years, Leon has served as Co Chair of the Executive and Steering Committees, the leadership bodies of HOPE Collaborative.  In this role, he helps plan meeting agendas, co-facilitates meetings, and helps create an environment that facilitates full participation of all collaborative members.

The health of future generations is what draws and sustains Leon's passion for food justice.  Leon believes that HOPE's vision of community ownership can be achieved by redirecting investments and resource distribution within our food system in ways that benefit community wealth-building, as opposed to corporate profit.  Leon brings many skills to HOPE Collaborative, including community outreach, and takes personal responsibility for helping to collectively shape and create the world he wants to see.
Elmhurst Neighborhood Planning Group Awards Minigrant to RISE Elementary

HOPE has provided a minigrant to RISE Elementary PTA located in the Elmhurst neighborhood of East Oakland to engage elementary school children in street tree watering and maintenance and work with parents to adopt plots and green streets around New Highland/RISE campus.The project will enable the development and implementation of community science projects, whereby 4th graders will work with neighborhood residents and Urban Releaf to plant and maintain street trees in curb strips around New Highland/RISE and on adjacent blocks where there are currently few or no trees.  The project will also include outreach to neighbors and organizing parents.


A minigrant from HOPE Collaborative will be used to purchase water carts to water the street trees.These water carts will be shared with neighbors on 82nd Avenue in partnership with Changing OUR Grounds, a project of HOPE Project Leader Esther Goolsby.The goal is to have the trees on 85th Avenue be part of a green street project that travels along 84th, 83rd, and right down 82nd, in an unbroken line of trees, shrubs and flowers that connect with Esther Goolsby's trees and other plants.These connected neighborhood greening projects are part of HOPE's larger Elmhurst Neighborhood Project.   


For more information or to get involved, please contact

YAB Surveys Taste Testers for New and Improved School Food
HOPE's Youth Action Board (YAB) partnered with Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) and Center for Eco Literacy to test new and improved school food dishes. OUSD is launching California Fresh Thursdays in the Spring of 2014 using locally sourced food for school lunch on Thursdays. Over the course of 4 days, YAB members conducted 240 surveys with summer school students at Oakland High School. Students had the opportunity to try dishes, including Kung Pao Chicken over Brown Rice, Black-Eyed Peas with Chicken Sausage, and Tabbouleh Salad. Responses to the dishes were overwhelmingly positive, and by the second day of taste testing, the students were anticipating YAB's presence so that new dishes could be tasted. When the new dishes are launched this coming school year, YAB members will support outreach and education about the new and improved dishes.


Rising Interest in Becoming Cottage Foods Operators (CFO)
By Anita Wong, HOPE Project Assistant
Christina Oatfield from Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) gives an overview of the Cottage Food Law to workshop attendees.

Have you ever made something edible for family or friends and heard them say, "You should sell these!"? I have received this response on countless occasions after baking up a batch of cookies or cupcakes but was unaware of the legal steps to take to sell my food.  Recently, the state of California passed the Cottage Food Law, enabling people to sell food products made in their home kitchens.  However, many people are not aware of the process required to become a Cottage Food Operator (CFO).  For this reason, HOPE Collaborative partnered with University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources, National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), and Sustainable Agriculture & Education (SAGE) to host a Cottage Food Law Workshop for Oakland food entrepreneurs.  This first of two workshops in a series covered the permitting process, food safety regulations, and information on marketing, budgeting, and pricing food products for profitability.  The workshop featured Christina Oatfield from Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), Jackie Greenwood from the Alameda County Environmental Health Department, Mollie Dutton-Starbuck (Bay Area CFO), and Jennifer Sowerwine from UC Berkeley.  The workshop was a success with a big turnout of future CFO's.  The second series of the workshop, to be held in the fall of 2013, will be more hands-on and will focus on value-added processing.


If you would like more information on the Cottage Food law, click here and for more information on and how to become a CFO, please click here.


Freedom Farm Stand
Gail Myers (Farms to Grow) and Ken Shady (Brother's Kitchen) excited about the launch of Freedom Farm Stand.

Farms to Grow, Phat Beets Produce, and Brother's Kitchen are working together to bring healthy and affordable food to West Oakland. Ken Shandy, owner and chef of Brother's Kitchen is excited to be involved in the launch of the Freedom Farm Stand, a new West Oakland produce stand aimed at increasing availability of fresh, healthy foods in a neighborhood saturated with liquor stores.


The Freedom Farm Stand is located in the lot of Brother's Kitchen at 3000 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA, every Wednesday from 2-6pm.

For more information and to support the continuation of the weekly farm stand by donating, please visit their fundraising page here. Their Indiegogo fundraising campaign runs through August 15, 2013.

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