Shenandoah: All Clear and Thank You
Good afternoon, Shenandoah! What a beautiful day with some blue skies and sunshine! We expect high temperatures to rise into the upper 80s. Rain chances should be near zero. Brisk northwesterly winds will help drain bayous, too.

As our lives begin to return to normal, City Hall staff returned today and we are back to business. The returning staff are faced with the evidence of the last five days while only essential personnel have been on duty. There are still air mattresses to be put up, go bags in corners of offices and refrigerators full of goodies. But more than those visible signs are the smiles as we share the stories of the last five days. Stories about the support of our community residents who brought food and who called to check on us, who dropped by to see if we needed anything, who prayed for our safety. Stories about the wonderful Shenandoah businesses who sent food and who came in to work and cooked specifically for us. Stories about the City Council and Mayor who offered their support and encouragement as we worked to continue to meet the needs of our community; their concern and dedication for their community energized us.  Stories about our coworkers and the laughter we shared, the sadness we shared, and the hope we never lost.

This is the first time in this little city’s history that we have received 38” of rain from a single storm and staff, working with the Public Works and Police Departments, did such a wonderful job of keeping everyone safe. The power company was notified soon as a concern was reported and the longest residents were without power was 4.5 hours.  Unbelievable for such a detrimental storm. This is where you can see a community and its staff working together as a team, making things really happen to keep everyone safe.

Shenandoah is a small town with a huge heart.  It doesn’t take a Cat4 hurricane to prove that; we see it every day. Thank you again from the City of Shenandoah staff for your support, thoughts and prayers, help and encouragement.  As we have posted information this week, we have used the hashtag “team Shenandoah” … and what a great team we have!