"From our first visit to Santa Fe, we have been drawn to the immense beauty of the New Mexico landscape. It was during this visit that we perused an art gallery and found ourselves standing in front of one of Ed’s paintings. We were immediately taken with the beautiful colors and the sense of serenity that the painting evoked. Of course, we were also intrigued by the old man. 

It was on a later visit to Taos – where we had stopped near the entrance of a storefront to escape the glare of the sun – that we heard a voice telling us it was okay to come inside. To our surprise and great pleasure, we found ourselves in Ed Sandoval’s workshop. It was during that visit that we had the opportunity to meet Ed personally and fall in love with a yet unnamed painting just nearing completion. 

"Needless to say, the painting had to be ours and “A Visit to the Old Homestead” now holds a prominent place in our home. We’ve since had the pleasure of adding two additional paintings of Ed’s and look forward to acquiring more in the future. Now, about that wall space…….

Ann-Marie and Paul Lundmark

"Visit to the Old Homestead" (Top) & "Looking for the Forrest Fenn Treasure" (Bottom).
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