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A Fulfilled Promise for Six Sons in WWII
Yvonne as a Child with Her Grandfather
It’s mystical when the stars align…and, if we’re smart, we pay attention. In my newsletter, I normally talk about my own experiences, but this time I’m sharing someone else’s story because I was so blown away by it . AND, I heard this tale right before Memorial Day. I think you’ll see why I was so moved...

I was painting when a wonderful woman walked up who was from San Diego but just moved to Santa Fe. We chatted for a while, took a picture together and I gave her a brochure. Then she went back home. End of story, right? NO! Back in Santa Fe, she started checking out my artwork online and sent me a heartfelt email. I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved – I actually teared up because it was so beautiful. She is graciously letting me share her story:
My name is Yvonne. I met Ed at his gallery in Taos, and we had a nice time chatting and taking photos. Later, I went to his website to look at his collection of artwork. Amazing. I saw one called “A Peaceful Place,” and it stopped me in my tracks. 

In my mind, that was my Grandfather in the painting! It gave me the chills. I had just come from Santuario de Chimayo and had posted my photos from the chapel on my Facebook page with the story about my Grandfather.

During World War II, all six of my Grandparents' sons who were of age – all of whom were raised in New Mexico – enlisted and left to fight for their country. My Grandmother was beside herself with worry and couldn’t bear the thought of losing even one son to war. She made a promise to God that if all six of her sons came home alive, she would walk to Santuario de Chimayo.
Ed’s Painting “A Peaceful Place”
Yvonne’s Mother, Emily Toledo-Chavez, Came from a Family of 12 Children (7 Boys & 5 Girls). Pictured Are the 6 Uncles Who Went to and Came Home from World War II
Grandmother vowed to undertake a pilgrimage, a long journey of over 100 miles on foot, to give thanks and to give praise for that miracle.

Sadly, before the war ended, she passed away. My mother was only 13 at the time, and the youngest child was only two years old. My Grandfather had to finish raising all of the children. The most heartbreaking part is that Grandmother died before she knew what happened to her sons.
Grandmother never knew the incredible and miraculous thing that happened. All six of her sons came home alive!

Thank goodness they came back – that they didn’t perish in the fighting was a miracle, but that they also came home to help Grandfather raise their siblings was remarkably fortunate.

My Grandfather, wanting to honor and fulfill her promise to God, walked over 100 miles from his village to Santuario de Chimayo.

I imagine him there, kneeling humbly and giving thanks to God just like in Ed’s painting “A Peaceful Place.” My cousin told me that much later in his life, my Grandfather wanted to go back to the chapel, but, by that time, he felt he was too old and his time too close. He passed away at 98 years old, having lived a rich, full life full of blessings.  

This is Ed: Thank you to Yvonne for her heart-warming story, to her uncles for loving their country and going off to fight for our freedom, and to her grandparents who showed such courage and faith during those dark times.
Wedding Day Photo: Yvonne's Grandparents
Featured New Paintings

To inquire or to request a high-resolution photograph, please contact Ed at 575-770-6360 or  edsandovalart@gmail.com .
NEW: "Hoeing the Garden" (36" x 60")
NEW: "Gathering Sheep" (24" x 48")
NEW: "The Dog Walker" (36" x 60")
NEW: "Headwaters of the Rio Grande" (36" x 48")
Tribute to New Mexico Clouds
If you've been to New Mexico, you know we have the most INCREDIBLE clouds! I love painting these clouds. What's humorous to me - there have been rare times when out-of-state people, who are unfamiliar with our skies, ask if I exaggerate my clouds. They can't believe that what I paint are realistic representations of authentic clouds that appear in our blue skies. They simply haven't had enough time here to experience them.

So in this segment I'm showing some examples of real clouds I've photographed next to paintings with similar clouds.If you view this on a computer, they will be side to side. On a mobile device? The images will appear one by one vertically, but you'll get the idea.
So come to New Mexico, stay for a while and watch our beautiful blue skies. New Mexico is called the "Land of Enchantment," but I call it the "Land of Entrapment" because once you come here, you will never want to leave.....Who could ever choose to leave these landscapes of mystical wonder?
"The Coming Storm"
"La Cienaga"
"After the Rain"
"Thunderclouds over Chamisa"
"The Distant Gorge"
Featured Collector: David from Tulsa, OK
Hola! My name is David, and I’m like part of the family to the Vickery clan who have a beautiful home in Ranchos de Taos. Their extended family goes there often to enjoy the incredible historic casita and to have fun in Taos, and I’ve been joining them for years.The Vickerys are avid art collectors, especially Ed’s art, and that’s how I first got to know Ed – he hangs with them all the time. And since Gwen and I have been best friends since college (we met in 1986), we all party at the house and at the Adobe Bar, camp, hike, soak at Ojo Caliente and explore charming, tucked-away villages. 
It wasn’t long before I just HAD to get one of Ed’s paintings. I started slowly, with a gorgeous Giclee print called “Moonlight,” and then a few years later I got an original called “Stoking the Fire.” I love it. In fact, since I love Taos so much, I decided to create a Taos inspired room in my new home in Tulsa. Aptly, “Stoking the Fire” hangs over the fireplace. I also have a fabulous Yei rug, a drum, fetishes, a storyteller, a kachina and other pieces by Taos artists like Chris Morel… it’s my favorite room in the house.  
David and Ed with "Stoking the Fire"
Ed and David Toasting to "Cityscape in the Rain"
On this last trip, I scored another Ed original. I lived and worked in New York City for ten years before I moved back to Oklahoma, and Ed did this wonderful and quite unusual cityscape in the rain…I had to have that painting. It reminded me of rainy evenings near Central Park. Looking at it reminded me of everything I love about New York. Since the painting doesn't have a Southwest theme, I’ll probably hang it in a different room, but I did pick up a bison skull for my little Taos room. 

I work as an RN, which is inspiring but also exhausting. I was looking forward to getting to my beloved New Mexico and chilling with my friends. We were going to go camping again on this trip, but, alas, it was too cold and rainy (it even snowed...), so we drank wine instead – the libations were flowing my newsletter friends! I just adore Ed and his art. If you are looking for a beautiful painting that will surpass your expectations every time you look at it for decades to come, get one of Ed’s magical landscapes – the skies and trees are to die for.
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