It's Never Too Early To Think About The Future!

High school students often come to mind when we think about "college and career exploration" ---- but it's never too soon to start! Elementary schools can be part of DiscoverU too. Use our "What Jobs Do You See Every Day?" poster and coloring activity as tools for discussion. This activity helps build awareness about different jobs in the community. Check out more  resources, including fun activities, lesson plans, and booklists for K-5 kids!

Meet a DiscoverU 
Student Design Team Member

"I'm interested in the medical field because I'd get to help people in a high demand job. Maybe I can save someone's life someday! Most of my family is in the system or didn't go to college. I want to be someone they can look at be like, 'dang, whoa!'  I want to be a role model to them." 

Sophomore, Renton High School 

How To Center Youth Voice

College and career success expert Alejandra PĂ©rez shares why she started the DiscoverU Student Design Team. Read why she thinks youth engagement and student leadership are central to education work. 

Alejandra (right) greets the Student Design Team at Renton Technical College. 

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DiscoverU encourages our community to come together and promote college and career exploration for the region's youth. Through fun activities in and out of school, students throughout Seattle and South King County will have opportunities to explore their futures. DiscoverU puts student interests at the center and helps connect their aspirations with the many pathways to get there.
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