Monthly Newsletter | April 2019
Your #HealthyMinds Update
April is a busy month. It's a time of important observances including autism awareness, alcohol awareness, and stress awareness, to name a few. Many will have school vacations, some may be gearing up for prom season, and spring is finally in full swing!

Wherever your focus is this month, we're right there beside you - we have guidance to share on all of these topics and more. Check out the latest additions to our library, below, and be sure to visit our website.
What Is Autism Spectrum?
Knowing the signs of Autism can be important for you and your child, as early identification is key to the best outcomes. But it's also important for understanding other children and families who may be on an Autism journey of their own. During Autism Awareness Month, and every month, take a moment to refresh your understanding of Autism Spectrum. Read more.
College, Pressure, and Mental Health
Recent news of the college admissions scandal has been an important moment for us to reflect: What message does American culture send kids today about what it means to be successful, in academics and in life? Gene, Steve and Ellen take on the issue on our podcast. Tune in.
The Clay Center in the News
In the book series, this scaredy-cat character wears stripes. But here’s what Arnold teaches kids about fear and science, and why he’s arguably the most important character.
Teens were hospitalized for suicide. Researchers then asked them to think about the adults who cared about them. Here's why this simple education program could save lives.
A Look Ahead:
Children's Mental Health Awareness Week
(May 5-11)
Mark your calendars! May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the first full week is dedicated to youth. The Clay Center's focus this year is on practicing self-care - in particular, helping children and teens to start young, as stress-reducing and resilience-building skills.

Stay tuned for two new short films featuring youth, daily self-care tips for you and the young people in your life, and other ways to get involved!
Monthly Mindfulness:
Ways To Stop Ruminating
from Healthline

Has your head ever been filled with a single thought, or a string of thoughts, that just keep repeating… and repeating… and repeating themselves in an unhelpful way? This is called ruminating. Here are 10 mindful strategies to help stop it in its tracks. Great for teens and adults, alike. Read more.
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