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Here's a quick summary of FutureEd's work since the beginning of the year. 

We chronicled in a new report the pioneering work of several urban California school districts to measure and improve school climate. We summarized what we learned for RealClear Policy and OECD in Paris , linking the California work to global effort to measure social-emotional learning.

FutureEd research advisory board member Brian Stecher and his RAND Corporation colleague, Laura Hamilton, also  shared their take   on measuring students' social-emotional development. 
Louisiana State Superintendent of Schools John White discussed his commitment to  high standards and strong instruction  in a red state in the latest addition to FutureEd Interviews. 
FutureEd senior fellow Tiffany Jones of Education Trust and New York University PhD candidate Michelle Jones, who completed her undergraduate studies in an Indiana prison, made the case for meaningful higher education opportunities in the nation's prisons

Education Trust writer-in-residence Karin Chenoweth  reminded us  that school improvement doesn't have to be flashy or disruptive. Ramin Taheri of Chiefs for Change shared a strategy  for strengthening career-technical education. And FutureEd editorial director Phyllis Jordan continued her work on solutions to chronic absenteeism, describing how  pediatricians are joining the effort to keep students attending school regularly. 
The New York Times Learning se ction recently featured research from a FutureEd report on the federal School Improvement Grants program.   Future Ed senior fellow Jeff Selingo and Michael B. Horn produced new installments of their Future U podcast, on the  survival of small colleges , the future of  competency-based learning , Oregon's  higher education reforms , and the  eroding relationship  between higher education and the public.
And in  The Churn, we chronicled the changing leadership landscape in the education sector, including the naming of new state schools chiefs in Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Maine.
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