College Now Kicks off 50th Anniversary
Regular readers of our newsletter might notice a new logo and look. That's because we're kicking off College Now's 50th Anniversary celebration beginning next month, and we thought it'd be nice to freshen things up a bit!

College Now's college and career access advising model was the first of its kind in the country back in 1967, and it was born out of the understanding that it takes more than just money to help low-income, first-generation students enroll in postsecondary programs. It takes creating a culture of "college knowledge" in school buildings and among students and families, which we found was most successful by physically putting a college and career access advisor in schools.

This practice was unheard of prior to the founding of College Now, which was at the time called the Cleveland Scholarship Program, and we will celebrate our 50-year history as an innovator in college and career access in a number of ways over the coming year. Stay tuned for more information, and thanks for your continued support of our work.
50th Anniversary City Club Speaker Series

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, College Now has partnered with The City Club of Cleveland to deliver a speaker series on issues related to our work: (in)equity in higher education, college access and affordability, etc.

Our first City Club program will be on Tuesday, October 24 at noon and will feature John King, President and CEO of the Education Trust and former Secretary of Education under President Obama.

We hope you will join us for the first in a series of thought-provoking programs that highlight the importance of the work we do at College Now.

For more information and to register, visit The City Club's web site.
Mentoring Member Spotlight

The Member Spotlight is a monthly look at outstanding mentors and students in the Mentoring Program. Pairs have the opportunity to nominate their counterparts for outstanding achievements or just for being extraordinary. 

Nominated by their mentors, DeMarius, Michael, and Karina are in their sophomore year of college. They were nominated by their mentors, with whom they have been matched since they started in the Mentoring Program in August 2016.
"My mentee, DeMarius Rodgers, was selected the end of spring semester as one of a very select group of Ohio University students to join the OHIO Fellows program. You can read more about Fellows here:" - Ryan Pratt
"Michael Mohnasky graduated from Bedford High School in 2016. He joined Mt. Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) and was assigned as my mentee. Michael started out with an interest in mechanical engineering, but then after taking some courses realized that he wanted to do more of a medical career. He has done very well in school as a freshman, being on the Dean's List with a 4.0 GPA. He is also very active in service, e.g. MVNU Escape Zone to helping kids from troubled backgrounds. He initially wanted to go for a pre-physician's assistant track and got his STNA certification this summer. In the past few months he took a vacation in Europe, got formally engaged in June and plans to get married next May. He has also decided to be more ambitious and go for a pre-med degree. Michael has been a delight to work with." - Purshotam Punwani
"I nominate my mentee, Karina Morales! Karina makes being a mentor easy. She has the desire to get the most out of her education, she works hard, and she genuinely cares about not only herself, but others. This is why she has chosen to complete her studies in the field of biology. As many know, biology is one of the most complex fields of study and Karina works extra hard to ensure her grades reflect her actual knowledge of what she studies. She takes school seriously and is a very hard worker. Karina deserves the spotlight as a member of College Now because her good nature and ambition is worth spreading!" - Melanie Brunner

FAFSA Opens October 1

Attention students: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA for short) opens October 1! The FAFSA is your key to unlocking thousands of financial aid dollars to put toward postsecondary education.

Make an appointment with the   College Now advisor in your school or in our downtown Resource Center to get started. Financial aid, based on the FAFSA, is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is in your best interest to complete it as soon as possible! The October release also allows students and families to receive financial aid award information at about the same time they receive admissions decisions, so you can make postsecondary choices based on a more complete picture of the cost of attendance.

There are many great additional resources at
College Now Salutes Partner, Jane D. White

As College Now celebrates its 50 th anniversary this year, it is a great opportunity to highlight so many different facets of our work, including our work with adult learners. We have been serving adults who are interested in returning to school or enrolling for the first time since 1990, and the Jane D. White Fund No. 2 of the Cleveland Foundation has been with us every step of the way!
Starting in the mid-1990s, the Jane D. White Fund began awarding grants to College Now for scholarships that were only available to adult learners, ages 25 and older who had attained at least sophomore status with a minimum 2.5 GPA and who were pursuing a four-year postsecondary degree. Moreover, the Jane D. White Fund stipulated that in addition to scholarship dollars, adults were to receive support and guidance from College Now staff.
Over 760 adults have received scholarships from the Jane D. White Fund and more than 73% of these adults have earned their degrees! As one recipient of the Jane D. White Scholarship recently wrote:
Without the assistance I received, it would have taken me much longer to complete my degree due to the semester balance owed and loans taken out. Not only the financial assistance, but the encouragement, support and guidance of being an adult student was so reassuring and helpful. The community and support I received from this organization made me feel so special.
The Jane D. White Fund's philanthropic investment of more than $3.75 million in scholarship support has had amazing results for the individuals who have received these scholarships, their families and our entire region. College Now is grateful to the Jane D. White Fund for its sustained commitment to adults in our community!
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