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Normandy: Mrs. Walsh
Parma High: Ms. Pollard
Valley Forge: Mr. Lengel
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Road Map for the Future
Have you thought about what you'd like your future career to look like and what skills you'll need to be successful in that field? These students have!

Listen to three of your classmates talk about their career goals and reflect on the pathways they will taking to reach those goals. Now, it's your turn to reflect, as well. What is most important to you in a future career? What makes you interested in the field you are interested in pursuing?

Feeling confused about what your future might look like? Find time to meet with your GEAR UP Parma advisor - they can help you through these questions, and more, as you think about your plans after high school.
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  • Attend a College Credit Plus or AP information session. Ask your school counselor for more information.
  • Participate in a College Affordability Night with a parent or guardian to learn about financial aid.
  • Use Naviance to explore different careers. Visit the "About Me" tab and complete the "Do What You Are" and the "Career Interest Profile" surveys. Review Road Trip Nation videos about careers that align with your interests.

  • Register for AP exams.
  • Review first semester grades and evaluate your cumulative GPA.
  • Continue to participate in extracurricular activities. Work towards serving in leadership positions in the activities you enjoy most.
  • Continue exploring interests and participate in career exploration.
  • Investigate summer opportunities, such as a summer job, internship, volunteer opportunity, summer camp, or opportunity on a college campus.
  • Start visiting (either virtually or in-person where possible) some colleges and include large, medium, and small campuses in your search.
  • Review the course catalog for next year and work with your counselor to set your junior schedule. Be sure to enroll in challenging courses.
  • Use Naviance or another tool to begin researching colleges. Develop a list of at least five schools you are interested in.
  • Review your SMART goal for the year and determine if you are on track to meet it.
  • Read news reports, articles, and books and practice your writing skills.

  • Work with your school counselor to set up your senior schedule and ensure you are on track to graduate. Be sure to enroll in challenging courses.
  • Learn about and register for CCP (College Credit Plus) courses.
  • Research colleges or other options for post-high school. Explore training programs, apprenticeships, and other options in Cleveland.
  • Continue to explore different career options and goals. Set up a job shadowing opportunity.
  • Work on and polish your resume.
  • Explore summer opportunities on college campuses.
  • Begin studying for the in-school ACT or SAT and participate in impact! (College Now's after school test prep program).

  • Follow up with all colleges that you submitted applications to to confirm they have received all application materials.
  • If deferred from Early Action or Early Decision, send additional information to enhance your application. See your College Now advisor for additional suggestions.
  • Reach out to schedule admissions interviews if required.
  • Once you have two or more award letters, meet with your College Now advisor to compare award options.
  • If planning on taking a gap year, make sure you know application deadlines.
  • Continue applying for scholarships.
Have questions about these tasks?
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