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College Park Elementary School
Monday, May 4, 2020
Teacher Appreciation Week 

May is HERE! There is a lot of planning and preparing to end the year with safe and fun ways to celebrate our time together. The last week of school is May 18-May 22. Your teachers will send their spirit week activities and are preparing end of the year gifts and certificates for our children. Some of us may not notice right way that this sudden stop in school has caused a level of loss, when in reality, it has for all of us. We want to ensure our children have the chance to participate in memorable and safe activities. Each day on May 18-22 from 9am-3pm, families are invited to come through our drive through lanes to pick-up their items.  Details for that process may be found on our website. We will have the Pick-Up Parade during the week of drop-off and pick-up. Each grade level will have a few teachers out waving so that we get to see faces from the cars in a safe manner.

Pick-Up Parade with Teacher Appearances
* Visit our website for more details on the process.

With a mask or without one, Dr. Otway takes time to share how much she misses her teachers for National Teacher Appreciation Week May 4-May 8. She is holding a sign that says I appreciate my heroes,  My Teacher's Rock! I MISS YOU,
Love Dr. Otway

Have a great week Tigers!

Dr. Maisha N. Otway
College Park: A Community School on a Journey to Excellence

Pictured very top: We would like to give a huge shout out of appreciation to our Front Office Staff for their outstanding services. We Thank them for being such dedicated and valuable employees here at College Park Elementary. Thank you to them for their warm greetings and beautiful smiles shared everyday with our staff, students, parents, and community as they enter the doors of our school. We understand that it takes a special person to sit at the front desk and you are that person. The service they provide exceeds all expectations and guarantees a continuing successful relationship with our school community.
Teacher Appreciation Week 
Monday, May 4th to Friday, May 10th 

Every year we celebrate all of our staff in a way that shows how much we appreciation them.   As a school here is how we would like to all get organized to thank the teachers that are working hard to support learning during the crisis. You can send in DOJO, Email, Teams, or drop off at school during the Wednesday email meal pick-up 11am-1pm.
  • Monday: Write a Poem in honor of your teacher
  • Tuesday: Share a list of why you are thankful for your teacher
  • Wednesday: Create a Video message in telling your teacher why they make you smile.
  • Thursday: Draw/Write your favorite memory of when we were in school
  • Friday: Send an Email telling them all about how you miss them.
Summer School: Learning Recovery Plan 

We hope that your child will be able to engage in remote learning and complete 70% or more of their assignments over the next two weeks. Those children that earn and INCOMPLETE GRADE in 1st - 5th grade in reading and/or math will be expected to attend summer learning recovery to clear the incomplete work from Remote School.  There will be two available summer sessions for families to choose.   

Virtual Summer School
Session 1
Blended Summer School *
Session 2
June 3rd to July 15th
July 7th to 31st

* Blended summer is face to face and virtual depending on Health Status of COVID-19

More details regarding summer school will be sent to students that qualify soon.  Please reach out to your child's teacher if you are having difficulty receiving assignments or have questions regarding incomplete assignments.  If you need assistance with computers or software, please call the Remote Learning Hotline at 470-254-2300.

Spring Pictures 

We have 28 devices of students that have not yet picked them up. Your teachers were excited about registering for your device and not we want to make sure you can come get them. We will have them at the school on Wednesday with the learning packets and the meal distribution. If necessary, the Technology staff will help in grades 3-12 ONLY Parents/Guardians, Students, and Staff to choose a time/date/device hub location to get a computer, swap a computer, get a power cord.

L to R: Zaniyah, Caleb, Zion, Jada
L-R: Marshall & Jaylin
"Quarantined" Appreciation

SGC newest Parent and Staff members 

The parents and staff voted and we are excited to welcome our newly elected SGC members. School Governance Councils are an integral component of Fulton's charter system. School Governance Councils, or SGCs, are responsible for setting and monitoring the strategic direction of our school.

The Tiger's Couch 

Looking for stories to listen to with your child? Check out The Tiger's Couch: Storytime with College Park Elementary's Finest. Our very own school celebrities have chosen their favorite book. Click on our logo to check it out. Hit the subscribe button and you will know whenever a new school community-based reader joins!   

Growing Readers Program  

The Growing Readers Program (GRP) is a K-3 literacy professional learning grant administered through the Governor's Office of Student Achievement (GOSA). The program aims to provide consistent and high-quality professional learning to teachers on effective reading instruction to help more children read at grade level by the end of third grade. Here are just a few teachers and students in action. Our teachers are still using the strategies and using the skills with their students during remote learning.

Ms. Dula in 2nd grade conducted an online Growing Readers conference with Trenton.
Mrs. Chebe in 3rd grade is conducting a Growing Readers Compliment Conference with DeVonte and Jada.  

Ms. McNeil in kindergarten conducted a digital reading conference with Monquaze with the support of Ms. Durden

New Student Registration  

New Student Registration Days for the 2020 - 2021 school year are Wednesday, May 6 and Thursday, May 7 and will be conducted virtually. Parents are encouraged to use the online enrollment application process at their convenience.

If your child is currently enrolled in Pre-K in Fulton County School's you do not need to register your child.
  1. Complete the online registration process
  2.  Email your application number to or  
* If you do not have access to online registration, contact

Self Care Tips for Parents   

Here are some tips for what to do for self-care when you feel like you are "running on empty".
  • Exercise, on your own and as a family
  • Sleep (as much as you can) or nap when your child naps
  • Eat healthy foods: food affects mood, so try to cut down on sugars and processed foods
  • Stay connected with family and friends using Social Media platforms like Zoom or Facebook Messenger.  You can stay connected using phone apps like Marco Polo or FaceTime (Apple users)
  • Prioritize activities that make your happy
  • Read
  • Listen to podcasts or radio programs
  • Breathe
  • Devote quiet time for yourself each morning or evening

The Importance of i-Ready    

Please know that since we are working in remote learning, it is very important for our kids to follow the school remote learning schedule. Each grade level has their student assignment schedule, that include  i-Ready and can be found on our website. Click Here: College Park Remote Learning

To access iReady and all remote learning information students must:

1. Click Here--> College Park Website  to access ClassLink from our website on the bottom toolbar,

2.Enter login and password that they use in school

3.Click on the i-Ready Link

Vital Signs
Key weekly indicators that directly or indirectly impact student achievement during Remote Learning from home . . .       

Making sense of the charts: The top chart illustrates the share of all College Park parents with active parent engagement calls by grade level over the last several weeks. For the week ending April 24th, the percentages fell across all grade levels except for SEC. In terms of i-Ready usage, both the 3rd and 4th grades achieved 60% or better for the week ended April 24th. With respect to food distribution, College Park has averaged 272 per week over the last three weeks.

Monday's Motivational Moment!

A Special Teacher

Once upon a time there was a little mouse that got lost in a Michigan classroom and caused a great commotion. To the students' amazement, the teacher immediately enlisted the help of a little boy named Stevie Morris. All the students were surprised because "Little Stevie" was blind, but the teacher appreciated the fact that "Little Stevie" had something that no one in the class had . . . an amazing pair of ears. In a matter of seconds "Little Stevie" had caught the mouse and was the class hero.

Years later in an interview "Little Stevie" said that this was the first time that someone had shown appreciation for his ears and credited his teacher for putting his life on the offensive instead of feeling sorry for himself. According to "Little Stevie" that day in class was the beginning of his new life. From that day forward he developed his gift of hearing and went on to become one of the most influential musicians ever.

Stevie Morris does not ring a bell?

What about his stage name ... Stevie Wonder, winner of 25 Grammy Awards?


Have a wonderful week and please remember that this is Teacher Appreciation Week!
Dr. Otway, Principal
College Park Elementary School
College Park, Georgia
Monday, May 4, 2020

Leadership Team

Maisha N. Otway - Principal -
Shantara Whitaker-Crooks - Assistant Principal -

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