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College Park Elementary School
Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Prior to leaving for Spring Break, we were notified of the sad reality that Governor Kemp and our school district made the determination that school buildings would be closed and remote learning would replace the remainder of the year classes. We miss our students dearly and understand that safety is the priority.

We remain committed to you on this journey to excellence. Our teachers are planning weekly lessons based on high leverage skills needed in their present grade level. To remain engaged, check in with your child's teacher and share your needs, visit our school website for updates, review the emails from the district, check your email for our school newsletter, and ensure your children are completing their assignments. This all may be new; but learning isn't over. We will continue improving together and make our TeleSchool successful.

College Park staff preparing meals for distribution prior to spring break week.

Check out our School Website for info. about Remote Learning, New Student Registration and  Dr. Otway's Principal's Message. Please take care of yourself and loved ones during spring break.
Dr. Maisha N. Otway
Proud Principal  
College Park: A Community School on a Journey to Excellence

Pictured very top: Remote learning view from this past week with Ms. McDowell.
Several of the students in Ms. McDowell's 4th grade class joined a live session to check-in with each other and to get some ELA and Math instruction early last week. Some of her Tigers were able to check back in for another live session later in the week to go over the practice and to answer questions about their work.
Announcements & Reminders

Please refer to this list for answers to frequently asked questions concerning academic support for remote learning. If you have other questions that are not related to academic concerns, please reference the Fulton County Schools website at

Remote Learning Highlights from last week . . .   
COVID-19 didn't stop 1st grade teacher Ms. Yancy from teaching. Math as usual through Remote learning.

Mrs. Smith-Davis

Ms. Cunningham

We are still striving for excellence for our Tigers through remote learning for now. We are all working hard to make sure our students get what they need during this time of  COVID-19: online access to their teachers, nutrition, and computers. This outbreak will certainly pass at some point, but until then, learning continues at FCS and College Park Elementary School!

Remote Learning Guidance for Families
Please click below for the reference material . . . 

Advantage: Fulton County Public Schools   

Worldwide School Closures as of April 4
As of this past Saturday, over 1.5 billion students are at home as they have seen their schools closed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Hundreds of U.S. counties and scores of nations around the world cannot offer remote learning to keep their students' education progressing with 1/4 of the school year left undone. While it is not a perfect situation, we are so fortunate to be part of a school district that can keep our students engaged academically until this crisis has passed. We thank all of our College Park families for their daily support and understanding as we continually improve the process.

* Please click here or on the map to view the day-by-day growth in students displaced from their schools through Saturday, April 4 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Tiger Character Trait of the Month!   

Social Distancing    

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Monday's Motivational Moment!

Frederick Douglass
An African American role model for dealing with adversity and difficult times that can benefit everyone of all ages during this challenging period.

It was an assertion of hard-won personal sovereignty: Frederick Douglass, born on a Maryland plantation 200 years ago this past February, never knew on what February day because history-deprivation was inflicted to confirm slaves as non-persons. So, later in life, Douglass picked the 14th, the middle of the month, as his birthday. Sadly, many Americans don't know much about him and he was really the first African-American to attain historic stature!

We are all experiencing a difficult period with the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, but it remains important to keep a positive attitude and Frederick Douglass can serve as a useful reminder of that. To lend perspective on how adversity can be managed, consider Douglass and what he suffered through.

Douglass in a sense, was "born" when he was 16. After six months of being whipped once a week with sticks and rawhide thongs - arbitrary punishment was used to stunt a slave's dangerous sense of personhood - Douglass simply had enough and fought back vs. his tormentor. Sent to Baltimore, where he was put to work building ships - some of them slave transports - he soon took off and fled north to freedom, and to lasting fame as an anti-slavery orator and author. His 1845 "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass" is a classic of American autobiography.

Abraham Linclon later came to admire Frederick Douglass greatly. "Here comes my friend Douglass," exclaimed Lincoln at the March 4, 1865, reception following his second inauguration. After the assassination 42 days later, Lincoln's widow gave Douglass her husband's walking stick. After Appomattox, Douglass, who had attended the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention on behalf of women's suffrage, said: "Slavery is not abolished until the black man has the ballot." If so, slavery ended not with the 13th Amendment of 1865 but with the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This difficult period we are going through will pass at some point; and hopefully soon. But we all can take a little inspiration from Mr. Douglass. From the time he was born through nearly all of his adult life he suffered, but he always maintained a faith that the future would be much better. In life, he chose to focus on the things that he could control while working to improve upon things he could not. And he never lost sight of his #1 goal in life - truly opening America up equally for all people.

Enjoy Your Spring Break Tigers!
Dr. Otway, Principal
College Park Elementary School
College Park, Georgia
Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Leadership Team

Maisha N. Otway - Principal -
Shantara Whitaker-Crooks - Assistant Principal -

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