Monthly Newsletter | May 2020
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Your #HealthyMinds Update
May is Mental Health Awareness Month! While mental health is always a priority, it's especially important during this challenging time to take care of our emotional and mental well-being. Many of us are feeling anxious and disappointed amid the pandemic, but we can get through this by maintaining our mental health.

This month, we encourage you and the young people in your life to find ways to keep calm in your daily life. Take a look at our May Meditation Challenge, and visit our Instagram and Facebook stories for regular mental health breaks to stay #CalmDuringCovid.

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How to Help Young People Cope with
Grief and Loss During COVID-19
Kids and teens are experiencing loss and grief during these challenging times. How can parents help young people cope with losing loved ones, milestones, and opportunities? We offer tips on our blog. Read more .
COVID-19 and College Students – Shrinking It Down
Many college students have moved home due to the coronavirus pandemic. How can their families balance respect and independence during their time together? On our podcast, special guest Dr. Khadijah Booth Watkins shares insights as a clinician and parent to a college freshman.   Listen for more .
Climate Anxiety and Kids – Shrinking It Down
Kids are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change, but what can they do about it? Dr. Elizabeth Pinsky joins our podcast to discuss how parents can help kids understand the climate crisis, and empower them to take action in their own lives. Tune in to learn more .
The Clay Center in the News

Dr. Ellen Braaten shared insights with  The Boston Globe  on how families can manage their mental well-being together. In case you missed her interview, take a look at the highlights.

News coverage can sometimes be scary for kids, but talking about it with them doesn’t have to be. Dr. Gene Beresin explains how you can help your kids process what they’re seeing and hearing, and how you can manage own reaction to the news.

Monthly Mindfulness:
Guided Meditations
from Ten Percent Happier

Staying in the present moment can help us keep calm during this challenging time. Take a look at these guided meditations to help you and your kids manage stress, anxiety, and more.
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