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As You Graduate … Paying for College
The average student loan debt in the $37,000. Now is the time for you and your high school graduate to make important financial and higher education decisions. We map out resources for making smart financial choices.
Should You Avoid Sugars in Fruit and Milk for Weight Loss
The latest twist in trending diets is the elimination of all sugars including fruits and milk. Find out if research-based studies recommend it for weight loss.
Summer Camp: Experiences to Remember
Do you have fond memories of camping, exploring and having fun? Being outdoors has tangible benefits, especially for children. Help your child create lasting memories.
Pre-registration due: May 15
Spring Livestock Shows
The 4-H Spring Shows are an opportunity for our youth to show their livestock ahead of the county and state fairs. Goat, sheep, swine and bucket calves will be featured. All shows are at the Johnson County Fairgrounds and the public is invited to come watch the fun. Dates and times listed below, or click here for details.
Lawn, Garden, AG and Environmental News
Milkweeds for the Garden
There's a lot of interest in attracting as many beneficial pollinators as possible. Milkweed is the host for the monarch butterfly. Some milkweeds can spread while others are annuals. Before you buy, make sure you know what to plant.
Cuckoo for coral bells
Fueling the Heuchera Addiction
Roses, iris, dahlias and hostas are just some plants gardeners are addicted to. With the newest breeding trends, add Heuchera to the list. When buying Hecuhera for Kansas City, be sure to look for this one most important thing.
Slow Tools for Small Farms and Home Gardens
There's a new international movement afoot: the adoption of old-time, low-tech tools for small urban farms and home gardens. With zero emissions and lower environmental impact, urban farmers and home growers are turning more and more to tools used by our ancestors.
'Cora Stubbs' Peonies
Wednesday, May 15 / 9 - 11 a.m.
Backyard Garden Open to the Public
The Extension Master Gardener Backyard Garden is holding a series of open gardens this spring and summer. The first session is Spring Perennial Flowers . You'll see a wide selection of perennials, annuals and fruits and vegetables. Iris and peonies should be in full glory. EMG volunteers will be on hand to provide tours and answer questions.
Deadline: July 15
Apply to Become an Extension Master Gardener
JoCo Residents
Get Your Free Soil Test
Johnson County residents get a free yearly test courtesy of the Johnson County Stormwater Program.  The test helps guide you with recommendations for proper fertilization. Note: Due to spring-time volume, it's taking about 4 weeks to get results back.

Take the guess work out of gardening and lawn care. Get your free test today!
Your Yard This May
Need a few ideas of what you should be doing in the garden this month? Check out what tasks can be be done during May.
Classes & Events
To register online click on the class link. Or call 913-715-7000.
June Classes
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