IIDA and host sponsor Milliken invited twenty practitioners, education leaders and students to participate in the third annual IIDA Educators Roundtable, an invigorating, engaging, and enlightening set of discussions about the future of design education and its impact on the profession. This year’s theme, “Empowering Design”, provided an in-depth dialogue about the knowledge, experience, and tools required to enable the next generation of designers to succeed.

Nearly every issue we discussed are areas we are either currently engaging and employing in the College, or goals through our strategic planning. As I described our thoughts and actions toward design education here at Nebraska, a chorus of resounding affirmation and the desire to learn more about our programs permeated the room!

Last Day to Withdraw From a Course
The Advising Staff would like to remind faculty and students that the last day to WITHDRAW from one or more full semester courses for spring 201 9 is Friday, April 5 th.
We have listed a few things you should know about “withdrawing” from a course :
·NEVER withdraw from a course without checking with your advisor first.
·Be sure to discuss with Scholarships and Financial Aid the impact withdrawing will have on your scholarships and aid packages.
·Be sure to discuss with University Housing how withdrawing may impact your housing eligibility.
·If your full-time or part-time enrollment is verified to receive discounts on your medical/car insurance or your parents’ health and auto insurance, withdrawing from classes may affect your eligibility for continued discounts.
If you have questions about withdrawing from a course, please stop in and see your advisor.
-Stephanie Kuenning

Date: April 4 6:00-8:30 PM
Date: April 5 8:30 AM -8:00 PM
Place: Architecture Hall

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Dr. Zhenghong Tang presented his research “Planning for Extreme Climate Risk Reduction: Experience from 95 Midwestern Cities” for the Nebraska Climate Summit, held at Nebraska Innovation Campus on March 21, 2019.
Dr. Tang’s research is part of a collaborative project that includes University of Nebraska–Lincoln researchers, as well as staff from the City of Lincoln serving in an advisory capacity. The project is geared towards helping municipalities across the Midwest plan for changes in climate. Dr. Tang’s research on this subject has been published in the Natural Hazards journal. More-
Recently, I was asked to identify what I see as the main strengths of the Architecture Program in the College of Architecture. We, of course, have many strengths, but there are some that stand out and make us distinct from other architecture programs in the Midwest and beyond. Based on input from fellow faculty and personal observations since my arrival in July, those strengths are as follows:

1. Design integration at all levels of the pre-professional and professional programs:
Through the act of design, our students learn how to integrate an array of disciplinary and technical knowledge and skills. This integration addresses a diverse range of topics, from sustainability, structures and computation, to art and architectural history and theories, and is explored though a variety of means at different scales and complexities, from furniture and exhibitions to interiors, buildings, cities and regions. More-
Tau Sigma Delta
The Tau Sigma Delta ASK help desk exists to help students realize their designs. ASK has assembled a panel of tutors who have skills ranging from digital modeling to presentation ability. The new ASK Help Desk format will directly match a volunteer tutor to a student in need of help. Tutors and students will set up a time and place to meet that is convenient for both.
For more information about the ASK Help Desk and the subjects it covers, please see the attached poster. If you need help from the ASK help desk, please email your question to:
College of Architecture senior interior design students, Megan Jespersen and Kenzie Klein were part of this interdisciplinary team that presented their project "Lakeside Ridge by Creek Nation Builders", a proposed 211 unit single family, residential development located in Coweta, Oklahoma, for the National Association of Home Builders Student Competition.
Associate Professor Brian Kelly has been reappointed by Governor Pete Ricketts to the Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects and will serve a 5 year term. 
Alumnus Connor Griess was appointed to the NCARB Think Tank for 2018-19. Congratulations to Griess on this national competitive honor!
Check out the new competition and scholarship opportunities on our website.
C heck out the College of Architecture website for new internship and job 

Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time job postings at Handshake. Check them out!

Date: April 4
Time: 6–8:30 pm

Date: April 5
Time: 8:30 am–8 pm
Place: Architecture Hall

Date: April 5
Time: 4 pm
Place: Richards Hall Room: 15

Date: April 23
Time: 11:30 –1:30 pm
Place: Architecture Hall Room: LINK

Scholarship & Awards Ceremony

Date: April 12
Time: 5:30 pm

Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Date: May 3
Time: 6 pm
Place: Kimball Hall
“Enhancing Healthcare Access Among Immigrant Latinxs”
conversation series

Date: April 3
Time: 11:30 – 2 pm 
Place: Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center Unity Room, 212.  

Register at MHDI website .

Date: April 3
Time: 3:30- 4:30 pm
Place: Nebraska Union - Colonial B

Date: April 3
Time: 3:30- 4:30 pm
Place: Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, Ubuntu Room (202)

Date: April 7
Time: 6:30-9:30 pm!
Place: JCPenney

Requirements for human subjects training
Date: April 17 th
Time: 2-3pm
Place: City Union, Colonial Room A

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