As we complete the semester and academic year, I urge you to look to the summer with goals in mind. You have just come from an intense year of study where you have stretched, learned, developed areas and networks ..... don't let the summer stop your progress, but rather, create goals for your summer. Your individual goals may vary, but I want you to reach the summer’s end with a sense of preparedness and accomplishment.

Here are my suggestions:
  • Read 5 books that inform your position regarding architecture, design, and/or planning; these may vary in scope from psychology and neuroscience to aesthetics, sustainability, process, history, manufacturing, tectonics, and/or economics, each affects your construct.
  • Sketch every day - become aware of the surroundings you are in not by capturing a photo on your phone, but first create a sketch and then capture it for Instagram! Focus on detail, and try to capture those essential elements that make it unique. At the summer’s end, lay out your sketches and see how much improvement there is!

  • Visit 5 environments that inspire you, make a list and make it happen (and then capture in sketches!).

  • Use your knowledge and abilities to contribute to public activities or non-profit organizations. You have an incredible gift of knowledge and experience that continues to grow, share it!! Volunteer with youth and introduce them to our fields, work with literacy programs, poverty programs, housing opportunities, or other civic entities. You will grow as much or more than what you give.

If you are graduating, congratulations! Please understand that these goals are no less important as your professional journey is just beginning. 

The College of Architecture in partnership with SGH Inc. and Dri-Design, have established a student scholarship competition for the fourth-year, undergraduate, architectural design studios. During final review week, jury members awarded these well-deserved accolades:

Award of Excellence: “Searching for the Ineffable” by Rachel McCown and Danny Ortega
Award of Honor: “The Future of Sprawl” by Megan Peterson and Landon Beard
Award of Merit: “Innovation Bundles” by Shayla Dick and Kristina Schneider
Award of Merit: “DSGN Integrate” by Aaron Culliton and Yilie Wang
Upper Level Studios and Locker Clean Out

Please remove everything from your studios and lockers by Friday, May 11 th

To be clear, no items may be left in your lockers or stored in the studios after May 11 th

Please take any materials/models/trash that do not fit in your studio trash bin down to the large trash bins located on the north side of Architecture Hall. There is paper and cardboard recycling located in this spot as well. The following Monday, May 14 th , we will begin cutting locks and throwing out anything left in lockers or studios.

First and second year students will have separate instructions for The Barn cleanup effort and directions will come from your faculty member. First and second year lockers will need to be cleared out by May 11 th as well.

Thank you for your cooperation!

-Stephanie Kuenning
As the semester comes to a close and studios are cleared out, please return any found safety glasses and various tools to the workshop. If students have any personal materials, paints, glues, or projects they would like to keep that are located in the shop, please remove them by May 11 th. Anything left behind at that point will either be discarded or will become scrap material for the shop. Thank you for your cooperation

-Nolan Golgert
Finals Week, Plus Commencement!

An ending plus a beginning.
The completion of this academic year (for many, the completion of a degree program that leads into exciting career possibilities) plus the start of your next adventure.

It is a transitional time, so take a moment to reflect on your most recent experiences and prepare for the opportunities ahead.
One of my favorite quotes I’d like to share with you for this next stage is: “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.”
Safe travels on your journey, and for many of you – see you in the fall.
-Sharon Kuska
Alumni, students, and faculty of the Community and Regional Planning Program, along with members of the Nebraska Chapter of the American Planning Association, gathered in New Orleans during this past week for APA’s 2018 National Planning Conference. This year’s conference coincided with the 300th birthday of the City of New Orleans.

The CRP program participated in the combined university alumni reception at the conference. The UNL alumni who attended were Dallas McGee (MCRP 1986), Paul Patterson (MCRP 1990), Tim Acklin (MCRP 2002), Tracy Steinkruger (MCRP 2006) and Stacey Groshong Hageman (MCRP 2009).  More-
Congratulations to all on completing yet another academic year! When we reflect on all the students, faculty and staff we have engaged with to learn and enhance our academic experiences; all the projects and assignments we have completed and reviewed, the new knowledge and skills we have taught, learned and refined; the new ideas and solutions regarding improving conditions for people through the design of the interior built environment; the various challenges we have found solutions to together; and the forward movement we all are making as individuals, as a program, and a college…I think we should all feel quite accomplished. More-
Commitment is on my mind this week since it has been so much on display here at the college this past week. One of the essential characteristics of any successful group is the commitment of its membership. Last week we enjoyed the collective wisdom of the Professional Advisory Council. Formally, the membership meets twice a year, sharing their time, advice and counsel with the college community. Their support is not, however, limited to just these gatherings. They have proven to be invaluable advocates for the college, spending many hours speaking in support of the value we bring to the state and beyond. Their commitment makes us stronger. More-
Interior design student Savannah Scoville was selected as the top poster from the College of Architecture at the Spring Research Fair 2018 for her project titled “An Evaluation of the Design Innovations in the Newly Renovated Adele Learning Commons” Miyoung Hong was the faculty adviser for this project. 
Professor Kim Wilson 's presentation at the 2018 Ecotourism Symposium | Center for Great Plains Studies on April 20th made the front page of the Kearney HUB. Here's a link to the full story .

Professor Kim Wilson also helped secure an award for the community of Valentine, Nebraska. The city was selected by The Citizens’ Institute on Rural Design™ (CIRD) to host a two-day rural design workshop. The LARC 311/411 service-learning studio was the foundation of Kim Wilson’s proposal. Wilson’s project partners include: NE Rural Futures Institute, Valentine Economic Development, NE Extension and the CoA Landscape Architecture Program. This was a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) funded project.

Lecturer Zoe Cope was selected as a finalist for RIBA President's Silver Medal - Part Two competition for her project entitled “Architectural Ghosts: Storytelling & the Architectural Imaginary”.

Cope was also recently selected to present at the International ACSA Conference in Madrid this summer.
ACSA Competition Deadlines:
Submission Deadline: June 30
Submission Deadline: Aug 1

The Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) has many opportunities available for college students including numerous programs, awards and scholarship. Our National Design Awards Program 2018 is open to all undergraduate and graduate students worldwide.

For more information please email the following address: .

Student Registration Deadline: April 30
Student Submission Deadline: May 25

The National Park Service’s Leicester B. Holland Prize , open to both students and professionals, is awarded to the best single-sheet measured drawing of a HABS, HAER, or HALS site.

Submission Deadline: April 30

The Arch Out Loud competition challenges entrants to design a mixed dwelling development on one of the last undeveloped sections of Mumbai’s coastline.
Submission Deadline:  May 1 

LAGI offers an opportunity to become a leader in the design of new energy landscapes.
They invite artists, architects, designers, landscape architects, scientists, engineers and others to submit proposals for large-scale and site-specific public art installations that generate clean energy for a site in Melbourne.

Submission deadline: May 6

The National Park Services’  Charles E. Peterson Prize  is awarded to the best sets of measured drawings prepared by student teams of a HABS, HAER, or HALS site.

Submission Deadline: June 1 

The National Park Service’s HALS Challenge , open to everyone, awards prizes for documentation of our nation's cultural landscapes.

Submission Deadline: July 31 

Submissions may be presented by individuals,
firms, and students of architecture and allied disciplines. Awards are granted for a wide
range of categories and project types, and all entrants.

Submission Deadline: Aug. 2

Position(s) are within the Design Branch, Architectural and Interior Design Section:
In-house design including Military, Civil works and Environmental projects throughout the upper Midwest with opportunities globally. Project skills require knowledge and use of BIM, sustainability programs, involvement with design charrettes, schematic design, design development, integrated production design-construction documents. 

Contact: or 402-995-2167.

AOI Corporation

CCY Architects

CCY Architects is looking for a Summer Intern.


HGA is looking for a Jr. Interior Designer.

Coffey is looking for a Design Intern.
Interiors Joan and Associates

The Designers

The Designers are looking for an Interior Designer

BBT Architects, Inc. is searching for an Architectural Intern with an emphasis on Revit & Technical Skills to join their team.

The firm is seeking entry level architects and landscape architects and interns.

Photo interpretation of aerial imagery using GIS software for a Great Plains windbreak mapping project. 


Check out the College of Architecture website for additional internship and job  opportunities
Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time job postings at Husker Hire Link (HHL) . Check them out!
College of Architecture Graduation Recognition Ceremony
Date: May. 4
Time: 6 pm
Place: Kimball Recital Hall , Room: Auditorium

If your family or friends are not able to be present for the event, encourage them to use the link below to watch live.
Date: Oct. 11-13 in Place: Milwaukee

Date: June 21-23
Place: New York
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