Reminder: TODAY (Monday, August 28 th) is the LAST DAY to make adjustments to your fall class schedule and receive 100 percent tuition back.

FRESHMEN: Have you met with your Peer Mentor yet? All of our first year peer mentors are available to our new freshmen to answer questions you may have about the college. Do you want to go to the Ice Cream Social with a group – contact your peer mentor! Do you need help downloading your computer software – contact your peer mentor! Need help buying supplies for drawing – contact your mentor! If you don’t know who your mentor is – come and see Leslie in 232 Arch West!  

- Stephanie Kuenning 
If you know someone who loves design or planning, encourage them to attend our Open House! More-
MCRP students in the Planning Studio this fall semester are continuing work with the nonprofit organization, NeighborWorks Lincoln, in the historic South Salt Creek Neighborhood in Lincoln, which is adjacent to the southwest part of downtown—directly south of the west Haymarket area. NeighborWorks Lincoln is one of the more than 240 locally-situated NeighborWorks organizations in the national congressionally-chartered NeighborWorks America network, which was established originally as the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation under Title VI of the federal Housing and Community Development Amendments of 1978. 
As most students headed to their first day of classes Monday, the UNL-ASLA Student Chapter spent the day volunteering at Homestead National Monument of America assisting them with the total eclipse. Eleven of the Landscape Architecture Program’s second and third year students, Austin Arens, Ashley Roxroth, Hannah LoPresto, Rachel Reynolds, Keely Anderson, Jerry Philbin, Daniel Hinz, Darby Buckley, Jacob Jurgens, Brendan Schartz and Kristina Harms, spent the day with 30,000 of their closest friends. It was a day full of fun, first time experiences and community.
Accompanied by the sounds of the UNL marching band echoing outside (which always gives me a sense of optimism and new academic beginnings), the students are settling in after a week of hard work. It was great to have the building buzzing with the energy and life that all of you students bring.

We have a lot of great projects that are underway in the studios. Second year students have hit the ground running and are doing rigorous exercises in compositional strategies as a way to bridge learning from d.MAKE into the foundational interior design studio. More-
College faculty have been extremely busy this year with multiple books being published such as Tim Hemsath’s “Energy Modeling in Architectural Design” and Kay Logan-Peters “The University of Nebraska-Lincoln” with foreword written by Chancellor Ronnie Green.

Plus, many of our faculty have been busy this summer leading study abroad programs. In fact, Brian Kelly was just recognized by the Office of Education Abroad for his outstanding leadership! More-
Austin Arens spent the summer working for Homestead National Monument of America. If you have an interesting story about how you spent the summer, let us know. More-
Get involved! Check out all of our College of Architecture student organizations here.


Date: Sep. 5
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Place: Architecture Hall, Room: Link

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Date: Aug. 31
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Place: Architecture Hall Room: Link
The 106th ACSA Annual Meeting will be held March 15-17 in Denver, CO. The paper submission deadline is September 20 and the project submission deadline is November 15. Find information here

AIA "I Look Up" film challenge has been announced. Learn more here.


College of Architecture
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College of Architecture
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College of Architecture
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Check out the College of Architecture website for additional internship and job  opportunities
Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new  Full-Time job postings at Husker Hire Link (HHL). Check them out!
Date: Aug. 30, 2017 Time: 4:50 pm
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Date: Sep. 5
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