Dean's Message:
We begin final review week and all of the associated rush to complete projects and prepare presentations in a way that helps others understand not only your intentions, but also the depth of exploration and decision-making you have made to arrive at your final work. Your faculty have selected exceptional guest reviewers who will push you even further, cause you to think about your project in a constructive way that you may not have yet, and open your awareness and growth. Please take every opportunity to participate in as many reviews as possible this week (and take notes both for yourself and your colleagues who are presenting their work).

Studio Cleanup

During the winter break, the studios will be cleaned by the custodial staff in preparation for the spring semester. Please assist in the effort by cleaning your studio space before you leave studio for winter break.

We DO NOT recommend that 1 st and 2 nd year students leave valuable items stored in the Barn over break.

Upper Level Studio Students: You may leave materials in your current studio with the following conditions:

1)      All material must be stacked neatly (AND STRUCTURALLY SOUND!) on top of your desk.
2)      No items may be left on the floor – any items left on the floor will be thrown away. The custodians must be able to clean the studio floors.
3)      You may keep your locker over the break as long as you have a working lock on the locker.
4)      Please be sure to carry large items that you do not want to the trash!!

If you have questions about this, please do feel free to stop in and see me.

-Stephanie Kuenning
Attention All Students,
Due to a concentrated level of demand for the services of the Media Shop, we have put some procedures in place to hopefully help everything run smoothly for you next week. Please see the message from Nolan Golgert concerning deadlines and print submissions. More-
Students in the CRPL 472/872 Hazard Mitigation Planning course this semester assisted the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in updating the Nebraska State Hazard Mitigation Plan by identifying hazards and conducting risk assessments.

Students analyzed the major natural and man-made disasters in Nebraska during the past decade, including severe thunderstorms (with hail, lightning, etc.), tornadoes, agricultural animal and plant diseases, drought, levee failures, civil disorders, earthquakes, wildfires, public health emergencies, extreme temperatures and others.  More-
Last Friday the Interior Design Program welcomed back alums Lena Kitson (BSD-Interior Design ’01) and Joy DeWitt (M.Arch ’09) from Gensler’s Chicago office. Kitson and DeWitt came back for the final 3 rd year interior design studio review on Friday. The studio was investigating community health care delivery systems and programs in urban environments. Both Gensler professionals met with our students in Chicago back in October to provide student feedback on their design intentions, programmatic strategies and methods of space-making. It was a very beneficial partnership to create connections with our alumni base through their involvement in the semester-long design process. More-
Column [25] was intended to emphasize the compression, bending and torsional forces present in a column subjected to a vertical load. For successful completion of this project, teams of Architecture 231 Structural Fundamentals students designed and constructed a column model to support 25 pounds of weight - without bending, buckling or rotating. The minimum height was 25 ”, but taller columns were encouraged. The materials used were a maximum of 25 manila file folders and connectors (glue, staples, tape, etc.). The column that satisfied the criteria and was the tallest received a prize. - Sharon Kuska
It’s the week you’ve all been working diligently towards – Final Reviews! The landscape architecture faculty wish you well and look forward to seeing your progressed towards becoming a landscape architect. And make sure you set aside time to participate in your colleague’s reviews!
-Kim L. Wilson

AIAS Forum 2017
Date: Dec. 29 - Jan. 1
(all day event)
Place: Austin, TX

For more information on these AIAS events, email

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2018, co-hosted with the Council on Undergraduate Research, will occur at the University of Central Oklahoma April 4-7, 2018. 

Abstract submission deadline: Dec. 5

If you have any questions regarding NCUR
2018 please call 405-974- 6287 or send an email to

ASID is presently accepting entries for the Student Portfolio Competition and they feel this opportunity would interest College of Architecture students. Prizes include $17,500 in scholarships and summer internships with top design firms such as Perkins+Will, Gensler, HOK, HKS Architects, Studio O+A, and others.  

Submissions Deadline:  Dec. 5

The graduate student competition is run by HUD. It brings together students from different disciplines including architecture, planning, policy, real estate, business and others to collaboratively provide a real-world solutions. The finalists receive a cash prize of $20,000 for first place.

Teams must comprise three to five students, plus one faculty adviser. Visit their  website  for more information regarding the competition and eligibility.

Registration Opens : Oct. 2
Registration Deadline:  Dec. 11

“When Architecture Tells a Story”
The competition is open to all architects, designers, writers, and artists to submit own unique architectural fairy tale.


The American Concrete Institute (ACI)-Nebraska chapter is now accepting applications for undergraduate and graduate $1,500 scholarship awards. 

Submission Deadline:  Dec. 15

Named in honor of retired MOA ARCHITECTURE founding principal Kiyoshi Murata, this award was established to recognize and reward entering fifth year, or graduate level students who will be returning to school in Fall 2018. This Scholarship + Internship is specifically intended for students who demonstrate their passion for architecture, high academic achievement and design ability.

One student will be selected to receive $10,000 to be applied toward university tuition and fees, and a paid internship with ZGF.

Submission Deadline: Feb. 1

Landscape Architecture Foundation has several scholarships for landscape architecture students.

Submission deadline: Feb. 1


EDSA internships provide landscape architecture students an exclusive and exciting opportunity to gain insight into their intended field, strengthen their leadership skills and introduce them to real life projects being designed for real people.

Submission Deadline: Jan. 15

Energy Sciences Research – Summer Internship for Undergraduates.  

Fallingwater, the architectural masterwork designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, seeks applications for its Fallingwater Landscape Internship Program. This full-time summer residency intern will interact with
Fallingwater’s horticulture specialist, maintenance department, visiting consultants, and vendors while working in and around the house museum environment.

Submission Deadline: March 15

Check out the College of Architecture website for additional internship and job  opportunities
Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new  Full-Time job postings at Husker Hire Link (HHL)   and this weeks abbreviated   Bulletin List. Check them out!
Final Reviews
Date : Dec. 6-8

Finals Week
Date : Dec. 11-15

Graduate Commencement Ceremony
Date : Dec. 15
Time : 3 pm
Place : Pinnacle Bank Arena

Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony
Date : Dec. 16
Time : 9:30 am
Place : Pinnacle Bank Arena

UNL Offices Closed
Date : Dec 25-Jan 1
UCARE Application Workshops
Do you want to be involved in research at UNL but don’t know where to start? Come learn more about UCARE, the undergraduate creative activities and research experience program at Nebraska.

Time: 4 pm
Place: Nebraska East Union Cottonwood Room
Time: 12:30 pm
Place: Nebraska Union Regency A:

Date: April 4-7
Place: University of Central Oklahoma
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