Summer Sessions Registration
Registration for Summer Sessions opens next Monday, March 5 th . NOW is a good time for you to schedule a time to meet with your academic advisor if you are planning on taking summer courses.
Priority Registration for fall 2018 opens on Monday, March 26 th .

-Stephanie Kuenning
Looks like now is good time to remind everyone of our Print Shop Policies. As with any design project, you also need to keep in mind the time it takes to print an item and schedule for it accordingly. Although we accept orders 24/7, we do not print 24/7 so please keep this in mind as you plan your projects. Please refer to these printing guidelines:
The Career Fair and the hive of activity it generated last week brings to the forefront the question “What skills, in addition to technical architecture abilities could help you to succeed in your future?”

Networking is just one of those life management skills that can help bring about professional (and personal) success. Real success, at many levels, is difficult if not impossible to achieve without building positive relationships. A great relationship should be mutually beneficial; connect with people who can be mentors, who can share information, who have an openness to ideas and innovation.  More-
A special thank you to Brian Kelly for the hard work and time he spent preparing and orchestrating a great Career Fair. Additional kudos to Stacy Spale, who prepared our students with mock interview prep, portfolio development and being the point of communication for registering interior design students for interviews. As I walked through the college, there was a positive buzz of energy and enthusiasm. More-
Finding your voice is one of the most important challenges people in the design profession face. It is difficult quest because unlike artists, who pursue self-expression as their ultimate goal, designers have a fundamental need for their work to connect with influences outside their individual domain. This gives designers the additional task of blending the voices of others, some of whom have the opportunity to speak while others do not, with their own individual voice. This clearly has an ethical dimension, but I will save that for another day. The question that I am thinking about today has more to do with the means of dealing with challenge rather than the ethics in making those decisions. More-
Two guest speakers from Central Community College (CCC) presented at Dan Piatkowski's Campus Sustainability Seminar this week. Environmental Sustainability Director Benjamin Newton and Environmental Sustainability Manager Olivia Whittaker spoke about Climate Action Planning at CCC. The speakers discussed how they are planning for sustainability and climate change resilience in rural Nebraska and highlighted the many successful sustainability-specific projects at CCC.  More-

Date: March 30
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Nebraska Club, US Bank Building
Zhenghong Tang published a paper in Elsevier entitled “Spectral matching based on discrete particle swarm optimization: A new method for terrestrial water body extraction using multi-temporal Landsat 8 images”.
Tang was also published an article in Wetlands titled “Examining Playa Wetland Contemporary Conditions in the Rainwater Basin, Nebraska”.
ABC’s Channel 8 News features a story exploring several architecture student design-builds happening right here in Nebraska. 

The Society of American Registered Architects has many opportunities available for college students including numerous programs, awards and scholarship. Our National Design Awards Program 2018 is open to all undergraduate and graduate students worldwide.
For more information please email the following address:

The Sherwin-Williams student design challenge celebrates excellence in interior design by students in both residential and commercial categories. This year’s challenge- create a color rendering(s) of an interior space: residential or commercial. Top cash prize is $2500.

Submission Deadline: March 15

Below are some great scholarship opportunities. See requirements listed here:

Applications for each scholarship can be found at and submissions can be uploaded on this secured link on drop box .

Submission Deadline: March 16

MG2 is hosting its second annual Recognizing Exceptional Design (R.E.D.) Student Portfolio Competition.

The students (undergraduate and graduate) awarded best overall portfolios will each receive a three-month paid summer internship at any U.S. MG2 office, plus a $500 housing stipend each month.
Submission Deadline: March 16

The APA has a scholarship called the Tom Cory Scholarship for students pursuing a career in Architecture. Tom Cory was a founding member of the APA and in his honor the APA developed this scholarship.

Submission Deadline: March 31

The theme of the contest is a Cultural Center in Senegal (Africa), which aims to protect traditional cultures and solve humanitarian emergencies with the architecture. The initiative has two objectives: the development of research in architecture on issues of social emergencies, and contributing to a humanitarian emergency in Senegal. The winning team will win an internship at the Kengo Kuma Office in Tokyo and cash prizes. 

Submission Deadline: April 24

This award is designed to celebrate the excellence and synergy that emerges from the collaborative process. Undergraduate, professional and graduate students who have been involved in a collaborative effort in the past year with at least one student from the College of Architecture are encouraged to apply. Click here for more information.

Submission Deadline: April 23

The Arch Out Loud competition challenges entrants to design a mixed dwelling development on one of the last undeveloped sections of Mumbai’s coastline.
Submission Deadline:  May 1 

Submissions may be presented by individuals,
firms, and students of architecture and allied disciplines. Awards are granted for a wide
range of categories and project types, and all entrants.

Submission Deadline: Aug. 2

Populous is looking for an interior design student intern. The candidate will work within a dynamic creative environment, providing design and documentation in all aspects of the interiors process, in a variety of media formats.

BBT Architects, Inc. is searching for an Architectural Intern with an emphasis on Revit & Technical Skills to join their team.

NCPE seeks applications from qualified students for 2018 summer internships researching historic properties, conducting site visits, developing historic contexts, developing outreach and educational materials, etc

Submission Deadline: March 16
The firm is seeking entry level architects and landscape architects and interns.

Photo interpretation of aerial imagery using GIS software for a Great Plains windbreak mapping project. 

Fallingwater, the architectural masterwork designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, seeks applications for its Fallingwater Landscape Internship Program. This full-time summer residency intern will interact with
Fallingwater’s horticulture specialist, maintenance department, visiting consultants, and vendors while working in and around the house museum environment.

Submission Deadline: March 15


Check out the College of Architecture website for additional internship and job  opportunities
Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time job postings at Husker Hire Link (HHL). Check them out!
London 2019 Program Meeting
Date: Feb 26
Time: Noon
Place: Architecture Hall, Rm 305

Candidate Talk -Assistant Prof-Beginning Design
Date: Feb. 26
Time: 11 am-noon in
Place: Main Gallery

Candidate Talk -Assistant Prof-Beginning Design
Date: Feb. 28
Time: 11 am-noon in
Place: Main Gallery

Candidate Talk -Assistant Prof-Beginning Design
Date: March 2
Time: 11 am-noon
Place: Room 305

Date: March 2
Time: 8-5 pm

Candidate Talk -Assistant Prof-Beginning Design
Date: March 9
Time: 11 am-noon
Place: Main Gallery

Candidate Talk -Assistant Prof-Beginning Design
Date: March 12 
Time: Noon-1 pm
Place: Room 305       

Date: March 30
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Nebraska Club, US Bank Building

Submission Deadline: April 23
Date: March 7
Time: 3:30-4:30 pm
Place: Lied Center for Performing Arts

Date: April 4-7
Place: University of Central Oklahoma
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