It is sometimes tempting to take life for granted and forget all we have to be thankful for. We get caught up in how much we have to do, the number of deadlines, or how hard we work.
Let's be thankful for the opportunities we have to develop and to make the world better (whether for one individual or for our global community). Thankful for being at a university, especially one who cares so deeply for its students, staff, faculty and alumni. Thankful for those around us who push us to be better, to be more insightful, to take action, to exercise consideration for others.
Many times, where we are now is the result of the sacrifices of others, whether it be from our families and friends, or those whom we haven't even met, who may have been influenced by their educational experience or felt the impact it had on a loved one that they were moved to support a scholarship. Sometimes it is the thoughtfulness of food sent home with you from family, or the emotional support on a phone call that makes a difference.
For this Thanksgiving holiday, I ask you to take a few moments and reflect on thankfulness. I ask you to give the gift of letting those who have made a positive impact on you (in whatever manner) know you are thankful for them. I thank you for making our community in the College of Architecture the place we each continue to learn and grow.
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University Offices will be closed Thursday-Sunday, November 22 nd – 25 th for Thanksgiving Break. Remember: Wednesday, November 22 nd is also a student holiday. Karez Hassan , undergraduate advisor, and Dana McIntyre, professional and graduate advisor, do have some slots open in the morning for advising on Wednesday if you need to come in to see an advisor! Have a nice break!

-Stephanie Kuenning
Like many of you, I for one am looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday. It always seems to come just at the right time, when I need to “unplug” and connect with myself and family. It allows me to regroup and return to campus with a renewed focus and energy for the last remaining weeks of the semester as deadlines and high expectations rapidly converge. More-
Congratulations to our students, Rachel McCown and Danny Ortega, and their professor, Mark Bacon! Their fourth-year, integrated-studio project, “Searching for the Ineffable,” garnered a Merit Award for excellence in the emerging architects’ unbuilt architecture category from AIA Nebraska. I would also like to extend my appreciation to David Karle and Mark Bacon for initiating and organizing the SGH + DRI-Design Student Competition, which has clearly made a positive effect on our students’ capacity to garner regional and national attention. The jury was impressed by Rachel and Danny’s use of strong perspectives to capture the moving qualities of a sacred space for gathering and remembrance, as well as “the restrained material palette and unexpected arrangement of space, both in plan and section.” More-
As we are approaching the Thanksgiving Holiday it is a time to be thankful. Last week we had the opportunity to have a lunchtime presentation from Bridget Shim from Shim–Sutcliffe Architects in Toronto. She introduced a range of design considerations that inform and influence the work of her firm. Light as an important media to be expressed, materials and materiality, the influences of place, an interest in making, were illustrated in her firm’s work. It was refreshing to hear about how sites were so instrumental in the development of the firm’s designs. More-
The Community and Regional Planning faculty wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with family and friends, and have safe travels!
At the 2018 AIA Nebraska Design Awards, architecture students Danny Ortega and Rachel McCown were honored with a Merit Award in the excellence in the emerging architects unbuilt architecture category for their project “Searching for the Ineffable”.

In addition to this award, their design has also been recognized by SARA National with an Award of Honor and an Award of Excellence by SGH Inc. / Dri-Design. This design was a project from Lecturer Mark Bacon’s spring 2018, ARCH411 studio.

Furthermore alumnus Evan Wermers was recognized with a People’s Choice Award in the emerging architects excellence in architectural detail category for his thesis project “Material Agency”. Associate Professor Brian Kelly was Wermers’ thesis advisor.

For the full list of all the awardees visit:
We are proud to say our faculty were again recognized by various organizations. Jeffrey L. Day and Mark Bacon were recognized at the 2018 AIA Nebraska Design Awards and Rodrigo Cantarero and Zhenghong Tang had their research featured in annual reports.

Submission Deadline: December 15th (Spring) and June 15th (Fall)

Requirements: US citizen, at least 17 years old, GPA of 3.0+, enrolled or accepted into one of the following disciplines: Fashion/Art/Design, Geology/Earth/Natural Sciences, Fabrication/Engineering.

Award: $1000

Calling All Grad Students! Announcing the 2019 HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition

Submission Deadline: Feb. 04

This competition is designed to identify innovative thinking and innovative solutions to problems, featuring construction projects capable of concrete realisation which use textiles or textile-reinforced materials.

Registration Deadline: Feb 24
LOI Design Group
Date Posted Nov. 01

Bedrock’s Architecture
Bedrock’s Architecture Team is currently seeking 2 winter semester interns in 2019 (Full time - 40 hours per week).

The internship would last the entire semester (January 7th 2019 – April 27th 2019).
Date Posted: Oct 29

Date Posted: Oct 30

C heck out the College of Architecture website for additional internship and job 

Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time job postings at Handshake. Check them out!
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