Open House is our largest event of the year, we invite prospective students and their family members to learn more about disciplines in the College of Architecture. This year's event brought over 70 high school students plus parents to better understand the education and day-to-day life in the design fields. Thank you everyone who had a role in making this event such a success!
Reminder: Spring 2019 Class Registration

Spring advising season is here! All students are able to view the 2019 Spring Class Schedule in MYRED. This means you can put classes in your shopping cart, but please note that Priority Registration does not begin until October 22 nd

Please know that I am making updates to the Spring 2019 schedule almost daily, so be sure to check MYRED often – especially for professional elective updates!

Ultimately, please make an advising appointment to meet with your assigned academic advisor BEFORE October 22 nd! (You will see your advisor assignment in MYRED or CANVAS.) 

This week I hope your schedule allows you to attend the second of a series of Material Lab lunch & learn events. Molly Green will be presenting information on Sensitile products and educate us on light-manipulating materials. Bring your lunch, and we will provide a popcorn bar for you to create your own mix to enjoy. The presentation will be online so we will have a live stream feed and will be meeting in the gallery. This event does count for CEU credits so we welcome professionals and faculty to join. A big “thank you” to Stacy Spale for planning the event. More-
Students who do not have a pre-architecture degree, such as the BSD, can still pursue a professional degree in architecture at the graduate level. In three years, these students learn all about architecture and the profession in a highly condensed curriculum. The project displayed here is from David Karle’s Arch500, the first core studio of the three-year Master in Architecture Program.

As David describes:
“With a multiplicity of references, the course title ‘project’ may refer to fundamental modes of architectural representation, the mapping of the subject in the larger objective context or a conceptual foray into territory unknown. More -
Rethinking the familiar is an interesting and important activity. Having just returned from a three week trip to China with students, I have been interested in the students’ conversation about how they had gotten used to doing some simple things differently while on the trip. Some students, once back, embraced certain aspects of what was familiar, having now gained an appreciation for what they may have taken for granted in the past. Other students were expressing a sense of loss at no longer having something familiar that they had come to enjoy and appreciate. It is interesting that I most often hear that from students who went with me to China in the previous years. More-
Dr. Zhenghong Tang, associate professor of Community and Regional Planning, wrapped-up his current Omaha project “Improving Omaha’s Green Infrastructure Training for Workforces, Students and Residents” this past month. The project was funded by a $67,330 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Urban Waters Program. During the past two years, 2016 to 2018, the project provided an educational component to Omaha’s efforts to improve future management of urban storm water. More-

AIAS Invites all students to participate in their Freedom by Design community service program. This year's client is The BAY. More-

NOMAs is seeking students AND faculty to display 'Architectural Diversity', either through presentations or exhibiting 2D & 3D works. 11/2 6:30-10pm at Crescent Moon Coffee House. 
Assistant Professor Daniel Piatkowski’s article in The Conversation on how self-driving cars might impact efforts to build people-centered communities has been picked up by numerous outlets. More-

We have several faculty members presenting at the ACSA Fall Conference scheduled for Oct 11-13. The following is a list of College of Architecture presenters: Assistant Professor David Newton "Balancing Act: Techniques and Technologies for Managing Multiple-Objective Problems in a Comprehensive Studio Context"; Lecturer Marc Maxey “Rules of the Game”; Associate Professor Sarah Deyong ”Who Needs a Lexicon ?; and Assistant Professor Ellen Donnelly “City as Camp, Architect as Camper” .  For the full schedule check out this link .

The most practical competition for interior design students. Prizes up to $1,400.

Submission Deadline: Oct 15

For 2019, HDR is awarding scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 to students that are, or will be, enrolled in graduate programs (applicant must have graduated by the end of Spring Semester 2019). In addition to these scholarships, the awardees are also offered a guaranteed paid internship.

Submission Deadline: Nov. 16

Calling All Grad Students! Announcing the 2019 HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition

Submission Deadline: Feb. 04

This competition is designed to identify innovative thinking and innovative solutions to problems, featuring construction projects capable of concrete realisation which use textiles or textile-reinforced materials.

Registration Deadline: Feb 24

Now taking applications for 2019!
First Submission Deadline: Oct. 15

Also check out the College of Architecture website for additional internship and job  opportunities
Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time job postings at Handshake. Check them out!
Lunch & Learn
Date: Oct. 10-12
Time: 12-1 pm
Location: Architecture Hall, Gallery
Sensitile Systems will provide a webinar "Light-Manipulating Materials: Create, Build, Inspire" This is offered for one AIA or IDCEC CEU.

Fall Break
Date: Oct. 15-16

UNL Research Fair
Date: Nov. 6-8

Student Holiday
Date: Nov. 21

UNL Holiday
Date: Nov. 22-23

UNL Commencement
Date: Dec. 14 & 15

UNL Holiday Break
Date: Dec. 24-Jan. 1
Date: Oct. 11-13 in Place: Milwaukee

The Nebraska Women's Leadership Network was created in 1999 as a program of the Nebraska Alumni Association to promote the growth and education of women and create a nationwide network of female leaders with ties to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Date: Oct. 18 -19
Place: UNL City Campus

Registration deadline: Oct. 11
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