Over the next 10 days, your hard work, intellectual and creative energy will be demonstrated through final reviews, final exams, thesis defense, and projects/papers. Prepare, put your best forward, and learn from the myriad of excellent reviewers faculty have invited to participate. And remember, we are all in this together and for each other. We want each of you to do well and to learn much from these activities!
Warm regards, Kathy
Students – I’d like to highlight a portion of Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Laurie Bellows’s message that was sent to you on 11/10/20. This message includes important messaging about Covid testing and traveling home during the break. In her letter Bellows wrote: “Looking beyond final exams, I know many students will choose to return home to spend the break with friends and family. Please take the following precautions before you leave: Get a COVID-19 test before leaving the Lincoln-area to avoid unknowingly bringing COVID-19 home to your family or friends. Free testing will be available beginning Monday, Nov. 16. More-

Studio Cleanup
We do appreciate your assistance in helping facilitate the cleaning of the studios BEFORE you leave for break. As you know, during the winter break, the studio spaces will be cleaned by the custodial staff in preparation for the spring semester. Students are required to assist in the effort by cleaning their studio space before they leave studio for winter break (by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th). More-


All advising will be conducted through Zoom. You can schedule an advising appointment with your academic advisor by logging into MyPlan. Or reach out to your advisor directly at:
Jaime Mastera
Leslie Gonzalez
Stephanie Kuenning

-Stephanie Kuenning
Building Access on Nov. 21

NCards will be necessary to enter academic buildings on city campus. Husker game day activities will limit parking around Memorial Stadium. All other campus parking lots will be open to permit holders. Learn more at
From January to October 2020 the United State experienced 16 weather/climate events which resulted in more than $1 billion in damages each! In addition to the economic losses, these events were responsible for the loss of 188 lives, displaced thousands of Americans and pushed communities to their breaking point and sometimes beyond. The field of planning serves as the foundation for saving lives, protecting economic investments and building stronger more resilient communities. Hazard mitigation planning is one specific tool that can effectively address community vulnerabilities before disaster strikes, providing proactive strategies to reduce risk and identify opportunities for redundancy and increased capacity so that when the storm is raging, communities not only survive but thrive. More-
CRP Mini Course Offering:
Pandemic Times: Past and Future
This course will review and compare historical events to the current pandemic and apply planning principles across a variety of disciplines as it relates to the recovery and resiliency of public health and society.
Click here for more information.
Today is the start of final studio reviews in the college, and I wish you all great success. The Architecture Program will present on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Interior Design and Landscape Architecture Programs will present on Thursday and Friday. Good luck with your presentations, and I encourage everyone to attend each other’s reviews. This week is an excellent time to view and be inspired by your peers. Enjoy! More-
Masoud Abedimoghadam’s proposal Suspended Boxes has been selected as an honorable mention in the Gaudi Architecture Prize 2020. More-
Free on-campus COVID testing site for students, faculty and staff has opened at the 17th and R street parking garage.
Check out the new competition and scholarship opportunities on our website or here on Canvas.

Note: Due to the numerous opportunities available, we are listing all content on our website. See links listed above for more details.
Check out the College of Architecture website for new internship and job 

Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time job postings at Handshake. Check them out!
Date: Nov. 17
Time: 6:00 pm–8:00 pm Place: Nebraska Union

Date: Nov. 16-20
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Final Exams:
Date: Nov. 21-25

Thanksgiving Vacation (UNL offices closed)
Date: Nov. 26–28

Fall 2020 Three Week Session
Date: Nov. 30 - Dec. 18

Fall Semester Graduate Commencement
Date: Dec. 18

Fall Semester Undergraduate Commencement
Date: Dec. 19

Hyde Lunch and Learn
Date: Feb. 11
Time: 12 pm
Location: Online

Date: Feb. 12
Time: 4 pm
Location: Online

Date: March 4
Time: 12 pm
Location: Online

Date: March 5
Time: 4 pm
Location: Online
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