Communicating relevance and effectiveness is a skill you can learn and that will bode well for you whether you are presenting a project, telling a story or competing for new work or a position. While you are learning about the value of design and planning, regardless of which academic program you are in, you will need to learn how to effectively communicate that value in a way that others understand. Some call this “speaking their language” and in essence, you are translating the value as you understand it to be relevant to someone else who may or may not be in our professions. Think about it simply as the “what” and the “why” – what is the value you or your project brings, and why is it important?

I am eager to hear Friday's Hyde Lecture by Tamika L. Butler and hope you will join me at 4PM via ZOOM.

Best Kathy
Important Campus Resources for Stress Management
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
CAPS is a free resource to students to help with any mental health concern. CAPS can assist with a variety of concerns including, anxiety, depression and stress. You can find a full list of CAPS Services here:
Big Red Resilience and Well-Being
Big Red Resilience and Well-Being provides fun events, innovative education and dynamic services to help students understand emotions, manage stress, build strength, connect with others, develop grit and navigate transitions. Big Red Resilience and Well-Being also provides student support in areas such as money management, suicide prevention and alcohol and drug prevention. To find a full list of their services, check out their website:
Pass / No Pass
The last day to change a full-length, regular, academic session course registration to or from “Pass/No Pass” is Friday, October 2.
A few things you should know about Pass/No Pass include:
·NEVER change a class to Pass/No Pass without checking with your advisor first.
·DSGN/ARCH/IDES/LARC courses are all REQUIRED to have a letter grade. Taking these subjects as Pass/No Pass is NOT an option. And all of these courses must be completed with a C or better.
·Required electives are all REQUIRED to have a letter grade. These include courses like MATH, ENGL, COMM, HORT and Natural Science electives. Taking these subjects as Pass/No Pass is NOT an option. Additionally, these courses must be completed with a C or better.
·Some ACE electives (6, 8 and 9) may be taken as Pass/No Pass, but please consult with your advisor first.

-Stephanie Kuenning
Throughout the year, the Interior Design Program will be featuring various courses and student work associated with our core curriculum. This week, we will take a deeper look into second year studio, IDES 210-Interior Design Studio I: Fundamentals of Designing Interior Environments. This course, is the first studio interior design students take that begins to shift and position the design process towards specific disciplinary systems and interior strategies of place and space-making. More-
While the virus has challenged all of us at the university to just do the things we do, everyone is doing their best to keep our community together and keep moving forward in new and positive directions. The faculty and advising staff have enjoyed our new ‘Lunch on the Lawn’ sessions that allow a safely conducted opportunity for all the students in each cohort to get together in person. I am planning to continue these post COVID because they are a chance to find out a bit more about our students, and them to find out about each other. As a small program, it is much easier to hold and manage these events and make them meaningful to everyone, particularly when some if not all of our students are taking their classes online. More-
If you are interested in service within the Lincoln community, Freedom by Design is currently working on a collaborative project with The Bay. This is a great opportunity for students to get involved, log volunteer hours and earn AXP hours! Find out more at their next meeting.
Freedom by Design-1st Meeting
(an AIAS community service program)

Date: Sept. 30
Time: 5:30pm
Meeting ID: 264 240 4927
Passcode: FBD2020
The AIA Central States Region Design Awards announced Professor Jeffrey L Day’s FACT Studio won a merit award for their Sheridan County Fairgrounds 4H campus project!
The project is an outgrowth of FACT’s spring 2018 project with the Sandhills Institute in nearby Rushville, Nebraska. The studio’s project partner, the Sheridan County 4H Foundation, seeks a master plan with new and repurposed buildings to replace disconnected existing structures in disrepair. The goal for phase one, completed in 2020, is to produce a detailed design proposal to assist the 4H Foundation in refining the project scope, forming a clear vision for the fairgrounds and producing materials to support fundraising and development. The fall 2019 student team comprises Ashley Glesinger, Paige Haskett, Jerry Philbin and Andres Villegas. FACT is currently working with Actual Architecture Co. to advance the project and assist the 4H Foundation in realizing the project. 
Forbes references the work of Assistant Professor Daniel Piatkowski in its article “Motorists Break Law To Save Time, Cyclists Break Law To Save Lives, Finds Study.”

The article shines a light on how the two groups receive very different reactions when breaking transportation laws, however their intentions are quite different.
Charrette Team 1: Dante Dovali, Patrick Pineda, Quinn McFadden, Scott Lafferty

Charrette Team 2: Dakota Mohlman, Ella Knight, Ian Murphree, Maddie Pollara
Free on-campus COVID testing site for students, faculty and staff has opened at the 17th and R street parking garage.
“The Reminders” put on by the Lied Center, is at 7:30 p.m. on Oct 1, 2020. This event will be FREE for students.
Students can reserve their tickets to “The Reminders” HERE on their Marketplace website.
Other Lied season, free student tickets can be reserved here.
Students also get half-off tickets to all other Lied Center performances when they purchase a seat through 
Check out the new competition and scholarship opportunities on our website or here on Canvas.

Note: Due to the numerous opportunities available, we are listing all content on our website. See links listed above for more details.
Check out the College of Architecture website for new internship and job 

Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time job postings at Handshake. Check them out!
Freedom by Design-1st Meeting
-an AIAS community service program

Date: Sept. 30
Time: 5:30pm
Meeting ID: 264 240 4927
Passcode: FBD2020

Date: Oct. 2
Time: 4 pm
Location: Online

Date: Oct. 25

Date: Nov. 6
Time: 4 pm
Location: Online

Final Reviews:
Date: Nov. 16-20

Final Exams:
Date: Nov. 21-25

Thanksgiving Vacation (UNL offices closed)
Date: Nov. 26–28

Fall 2020 Three Week Session
Date: Nov. 30 - Dec. 18

Fall Semester Graduate Commencement
Date: Dec. 18

Fall Semester Undergraduate Commencement
Date: Dec. 19

Hyde Lunch and Learn
Date: Feb. 11
Time: 12 pm
Location: Online

Date: Feb. 12
Time: 4 pm
Location: Online

Date: March 4
Time: 12 pm
Location: Online

Date: March 5
Time: 4 pm
Location: Online
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