Dean's Message

Welcome to spring semester and what for many of you is the final semester of your academic career! 

Our professions are built on challenges, whether externally imposed (through environment, context, etc.) or intrinsically fostered (as when striving for “personal bests”). I encourage you to prepare yourself with knowledge and confidence, embrace challenges of all kinds this semester, to recognize and embrace defining moments of character as they occur, and to realize that defining moments of character are often exemplified through the day to day decisions one makes.

We each have an impact on those around us, and this becomes especially clear when tragedy strikes as it did over break when Ryan Mathis, first year Landscape Architecture student died as the result of an automobile accident. Our hearts go out to his family, and to those of you here in Architecture Hall who had the great fortune to be impacted by Ryan’s presence.

Kindness, enrichment, thoughtfulness, depth, engagement, character, excellence, impact, curiosity, discovery, enthusiasm, service, and perseverance; these are but a few of the descriptors I hope you will use in May when reflecting upon this semester. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Warm regards,



A few quick reminders about spring registration:

  • Tuesday, January 17th is the last day to add a course to your spring schedule.
  • Tuesday, January 17th is also the last day to drop a course and receive a 100% refund.
  • Friday, January 20th is the last day to receive a 75% refund.
  • Friday, January 27th is the last day to receive a 50% refund.
  • Friday, February 3rd is the last day to receive a 25% refund.

As usual our faculty have not let any grass grow under their feet. Jeffrey L. Day is featured in Slate this month. Plus, Mark Hinchman, Nate Bicak and Lindsey Bahe have all had peer-reviewed papers accepted for the Interior Design Educator’s Council National Conference. More-
Walking across campus this afternoon I started to wonder why they don’t call this “winter” semester instead of “spring” semester, but I guess the latter implies the hope that warmth will return. That said, I am looking forward to the return of our energetic students next week for the beginning of “spring” semester studios and classes. Studios commence on Monday, and for students in ARCH 311, ARCH 411, and the Design Research Studios (ARCH 511/611) the afternoon begins with studio instructors’ presentations and the studio selection process. If you are in one of these studios please look out for an email announcing the location and time of the studio presentations for your year. In the meantime, stay warm and get ready for a fulfilling semester!

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope you each have renewed energy, focus and optimism for a great spring semester. The College and program has a full schedule of events that will be happening throughout the next few months. Be sure to pay attention to the College calendar and announcements in each week’s newsletter so you don’t miss opportunities to learn, have fun and be engaged in our College and ID program communities. More-

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends over the holidays. Rested, relaxed and ready - for some more learning? As you prepare for the first week of classes, there are two items to get on your calendar now– summer and fall UCARE program applications and the Digital Graphic Workshop. UCARE (Undergraduate Creative Activity and Research) supports undergraduates to work one-on-one with faculty research advisors in research or creative activities. The first due date is January 13th for a ten-week research opportunity from June to August 2017, requiring a 20-hour commitment per week for a stipend of $2,400. The second due date is March 3rd for an academic year research opportunity from September – April 2017-18, requiring a 10-hour commitment per week for a stipend of $1,200/semester. First, go to to find out what is required for the submission and second, talk to one of our faculty. More-
With best wishes to everyone for 2017, planning students and faculty of the Community and Regional Planning Program launch into spring semester with renewed energy!   Looking back briefly at fall semester, we want to acknowledge and thank the 13 graduate students in the CRPL 990 Planning Studio for their hard work in the South Salt Creek Neighborhood in Lincoln.  The Studio worked in collaboration with NeighborWorks Lincoln, the Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department, and the City of Lincoln Urban Development Department to initiate community development and planning work in this historically significant neighborhood on the south side of downtown.   More-

IDEC Video Competition
Call for Entries
This video competition seeks compelling entries that will engage a general audience to think differently about the interior design knowledge base and the impacts of our expertise. This year we are asking entrants to choose one specific content area and show the difference that interior design research can make!

Deadline: Midnight, Feb. 19
This  program is intended to challenge students, working individually or in teams, to explore a variety of design issues related to the use of steel in design and construction.

Registration Deadline: March 29

This is a competition that challenges the innovative minds around the globe to design a marketplace to promote refugee livelihoods. The total prize package is $30,000. Undergraduate and graduate students alike are encouraged to participate.  

Submission Deadline: Feb. 1

IIDA Student Competition

The Student Design Competition celebrates original design and rewards individuals and/or teams whose projects demonstrate innovative, functional design solutions that have a positive environmental and human impact, while allowing emerging professionals the opportunity to showcase their work and fresh design ideas to professionals working in the field.

Submission Deadline: Feb. 6th

Attention Students:
The Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) program provides undergraduate researchers the opportunity to learn from faculty mentors and engage in research and creative projects during the summer and academic year and receive a $2,400 stipend. Students with 30-120 credit hours and a cumulative GPA of 2.75 by the end of the spring 2017 semester are encouraged to apply.

Faculty Members,
Are you currently seeking an undergraduate researcher to work in your lab? Check this out!


Check out the College of Architecture website for additional internship and job opportunities. 

Plus, University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time Job postings at Husker Hire Link (HHL). Check them out!

Sasaki 2017 Summer Internship

Opportunity to work with a diverse, interdisciplinary team of designers and tackle some of the world’s most interesting design and planning challenges? Apply now!

Submission Deadline: Feb. 27


MOA Architecture:  Scholarship Award + Summer Internship Program

MOA ARCHITECTURE offers an annual architectural scholarship + paid summer internship award to students in accredited architectural programs. 

Submissions Deadline: Jan. 31 

Tom Cory Scholarship

Tom Cory was a founding member of the Architectural Precast Association (APA) and in his honor, the APA developed the Tom Cory Scholarship. This $2,000 scholarship is awarded annually to one deserving student in an architecture program. If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, please contact us.

Submissions Deadline: Mar. 31

National Precast Concrete Association Foundation (NPCAF) Scholarship

This program provides undergraduate and graduate scholarships to students pursuing degrees in fields related to construction. These can include: engineering, architecture, construction management, business, sustainable building management, and more.  

Submissions Deadline: Mar. 20

Date: Jan. 11
Time: 4:30 pm
Place:  Architecture Hall Gallery

Date: Jan. 25
Time: 4 pm 
Place: Richards Hall, Room 15

Anthony Morey - Hyde Lecture                        
Date: Feb. 3
Time: 4–5 pm
Place: Richards Hall, Room 15

Date: Feb. 10
T ime: 4 pm
Place: Richards Hall Room 15

Date: Feb. 23 & 24 
Time: 8-5 pm
Place: Architecture Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus

Additional Info:  Mark Hinchman, Professor of Interior Design, (402)472-5930,

For General Event Information Visit:

Firm Registration deadline: Jan. 15 

Student Deadline:
Jan. 23