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Hello everyone,

This week, you will notice that your Student Advisory Board members have an array of evening stress-reducing activities planned for you. Please join in, you can access the poster and events hereWelcome back and finish strong! 

Our first Newsletter Video was distributed to our alumni before Thanksgiving, please see the link here and enjoy.


As the end of the term approaches, it is important to be aware of not only your presentation deadline, but also the printing deadlines. As the entire College works to meet their goals, we all must remain respectful of people’s time. In order to guarantee that prints are ready for final critiques, the media center/print shop requests that everyone turn their final prints in at least 48 hours in advance of their final presentation, the earlier the better.   Second & third year students (Plus ARCH 500) are presenting on Wednesday, December 7th and MUST submit their prints no later than Monday, December 5th. For 510/610 (Master) students presenting on Thursday, December 8th, they  MUST  submit their prints no later than Tuesday, December 6th. Design Thesis, Landscape and Fourth Year students presenting on Friday, December 9th,  MUST  submit their prints no later than Wednesday, December 7th . The media center/print shop will be open on Saturday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 4th to accommodate the high volume of printing and encourages everyone to utilize this extra time. 

All physical shop cards that have been issued prior to 11/15/16 are no longer necessary for the use of the College of Architecture shop. Replacing the physical shop cards, students are to use their N-Cards to scan into the shop. An N-Card scanner has been installed on the right side of door 26. Only students who have gone through shop training will have the proper credentials associated with their N-Card to access to the shop facility. This change is the result of an effort to stream-line shop training/certification as well as eliminating the need for students to “sign-in” when using the shop. We do ask that students leave their N-Cards at the attendant’s desk while they are utilizing the shop facility. This allows shop attendants to address students by name as well as monitor the safe handling of shop tools and equipment. As always, these tools are to remain in the facility. All students except for those currently enrolled in d.ONE should be authorized to access the shop via N-Card. Shop training for d.ONE students will take place during the spring semester. Subsequently, these students will not have access to the shop until then. If you are not a d.ONE student and your card does not unlock the door or you have not gone through training contact the Shop Manager, Nolan Golgert, directly via email at


AIAS Event: November Meeting  

Date:  Nov. 30   
Time: 4:30 pm  
Place:  Architecture Hall, South Barn

Tau Sigma Delta

Having issues modeling your project? Need help with digital workflow?
Tau Sigma Delta's Digital Design Help Desk is every Wednesday in the Barn from 7pm - 10pm. Open to all students, TSD members are available to help you with any questions or issues relating to design software, including Revit, Rhino, AutoCad, Adobe Suites and more!

Assistant Professor Jason Griffiths’ abstract entitled, “Engineered Lumber and ‘Tacit Knowledge’ of New Craft in Architecture,” has been accepted for inclusion in next summer’s Building Technology Educators’ Society 2017 conference. Congratulations!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a short break - we are back this week for the push towards final reviews for the fall. Soon, we will issue an outline of final reviews to be held in a compressed schedule between December 7-9 during which time reviews for all Architecture studios including Design Thesis and DSGN 410 will occur. We will announce the guest critics for final reviews when we issue the schedule. As always, all students are encouraged to listen in to various reviews, not just their own. Other things to look forward to are the Pencil’s Down picnic in the Barn on Sunday, December 4, starting at 4 pm (students, please refer to you studio instructor for any deadlines associated with “Pencils Down.”) Lastly, please see the schedule for final review printing from the Media Center, elsewhere in this Newsletter. Good luck with the final charrette!
I hope that everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend. This week is the week to really dig in and give your studio and all other courses the attention they deserve in order to represent your best abilities and accomplish prideful work. I look forward to seeing all the exciting projects that you have dedicating your time and effort to next week. Be sure to look for the final review schedule that will be posted throughout Arch Hall and take the time to check out the work of your peers in other studios.

AIGA Nebraska offers the Designing Opportunity Scholarship annually to students and emerging creatives who exhibit excellence in their field, in order to provide winning recipients with financial support to further their craft. This year’s first place winner is Mackenzie Klein. Congratulations! More -

Student Competitions 

Submission Deadline: Dec. 9th

2017 IAH Competition

Submission Deadline: Dec. 12 

MOA Architecture:  Scholarship Award + Summer Internship Program

Submissions Deadline: Jan. 2017

Submission Deadline: Feb 6th

Attention Students:
The Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience (UCARE) program provides undergraduate researchers the opportunity to learn from faculty mentors and engage in research and creative projects during the summer and academic year and receive a $2,400 stipend. Students with 30-120 credit hours and a cumulative GPA of 2.75 by the end of the spring 2017 semester are encouraged to apply.

Faculty Members,
Are you currently seeking an undergraduate researcher to work in your lab? Check this out!

National Precast Concrete Association Foundation (NPCAF) Scholarship

This program provides undergraduate and graduate scholarships to students pursuing degrees in fields related to construction. These can include: engineering, architecture, construction management, business, sustainable building management, and more. 

Internships, Jobs & More!

University of Nebraska Career Services encourages you to view a few of their new Full-Time Job postings from Husker Hire Link (HHL).
For a full list of full-time opportunities, internships or part-time jobs visit

USGBC- Materials & Bake Sale
Date: Nov. 30
Time: 10:30 am–1 pm
Place: Link
Donate or buy usable materials. Baked treats for sales too!

AIAS Event: November Meeting  
Date:  Nov. 30   
Time: 4:30 pm  
Place:  Architecture Hall, South Barn

Date:   Dec. 2    
Time: Noon   
Place:   Gallery

Short presentation will be given to identify the process and deadlines for the 2017 Internship/Career Fair. Food will be provided.

First Friday Featuring Frank H. Woods Telephone Museum Concepts  

Date: Dec. 2
Time: 4:30 –7:30 am
Place: Pinnacle Bank Arena, South Lobby

Date: Jan 3
Time: 8:30-12 pm
Place: Gallery 
Lunch will be provided.

Date: Feb. 23 & 24 
Time: 8-5 pm
Place: Architecture Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus

Additional Info:  Mark Hinchman, Professor of Interior Design, (402)472-5930,           

For General Event Information Visit:

Firm Registration deadline: January 15 

Student Deadline:
January 23

Date: Dec. 28-Jan 2
Place: Boston