As you read today's newsletter, you will see numerous examples of how our students and faculty are recognized across the country for the quality of their work. This truly is an exceptional place to receive an education in architecture, design, and planning!
This education is supplemented with unique features. We are fortunate to have received a gift from the family of Eloise Kruger nearly 20 years ago consisting of an impressive collection of over 20,000 miniatures, research notes and correspondence and sampling four centuries of interior design history in miniature. Additionally, the Collection has an online exhibition accessed  here. Over the years, this collection has been an integral feature of our College and continues as such under the excellent care of Curator DiAnna Hemsath.

If you have classes in ARCH 127 or 131, you have walked through the Kruger Gallery; perhaps not realizing the extent or importance of this resource! Today you have an opportunity to explore not only the displays, but also go behind the scenes. Be sure to stop by the Kruger Miniature Collection Open House today between 11:30-1:30. 

Today and tomorrow, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) site visitors will be on campus. There are a series of sessions available for participation found here.
Last Wednesday a team of UNL students, all members of AIAS, competed with teams from five other regional schools of architecture in the AIA Central States Region Student Design Competition in Manhattan, KS. The charrette lasted 12 hours and the project involved a master plan for reconnecting the city to the river on the south side of downtown Manhattan. The team, composed of undergraduate Architecture students Taylor Bissert, Mallory Lane, Megan Peterson, and Mariah Tobin worked hard all day in the office of Tim Clark Architecture and presented the work to the jury and the public on Thursday morning. I am pleased to report that the UNL team won third place in the competition - the first time UNL has placed since this competition began.  More-

The Landscape Architecture program is well represented at the National Conference of the American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA) this week in New Orleans. Professor Kim Wilson will participate in the Accreditation Workshop, Professor Richard Sutton will lead a panel titled Green Roof Ecosystems: Connecting Research, Design and Performance and Assistant Professor Sarah Karle and Assistant Professor David Karle will participate on a panel titled Publishing for Professional Success: Navigating the Publication Process


Mitch Paine, CFM, Flood Mitigation Planning Coordinator in the Floodplain Management subdivision of the Engineering Programs and Services Division of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, visited a class session of Dr. Zhenghong Tang’s CRPL 470/870 Environmental Planning and Policy course and conducted an interesting and engaging scenario-based, floodplain planning tabletop exercise with students in the class.

I hope everybody had a refreshing fall break! To me, there is a certain type of atmosphere that seems to occur throughout Architecture Hall following fall break. The nervous energy of a new semester and the challenges of mastering new skills and methods give way to a settled and more focused energy. Most of you have found your academic groove and have dug your heels into the routine of studio; settling into the quest of achieving thoughtful and beautiful solutions to the many challenges you are facing. It brings me joy to see the variety of solutions to interesting design problems start to take shape in model and drawings…expressing themselves through space, materiality and light.   More- 
College of Architecture faculty receive several distinguished honors this month including paper proposal acceptances from the 2017 Great Plains Symposium for Catherine De Almeida, David Karle, and Sarah Thomas Karle; a Green Roof and Wall Award of Excellence for Richard Sutton; an AIA Central States Region Merit Award for Jeffrey. L Day; and Fellow honors given to Kim Wilson and Catherine De Almeida. More-
Student Competitions 

Submission Deadline is Nov. 1, 2016.  

ACA’s International Design Competition 2016 Now Accepting Applications

Submission Deadline: Nov. 8th

Richard T. “Dick” DeLorm Scholarship

Submission Deadline: Nov. 18th

Blank Space Launches Fourth Annual Fairy Tales Competitions

Submission Deadline: Dec. 9th

2017 IAH Competition

Submission Deadline: Dec. 12 

Student Opportunities

Mentors Needed:
Lincoln Public Schools is looking for qualified mentors to work with highly gifted students, grades K-12. Pay is $18.35/hr.


Taylor Bissert, Mallory Lane, Megan Peterson, and Mariah Tobin won third place in the AIA Central States Region Student Design Competition and Alex Moore and Adam Wiese were finalists in the Off the Rails Design Competition . More-
Things not to miss: Events and info from TSD, AIAS, ASLA, ASID ! More-

Last Day to Withdraw From a Course

The Advising Staff would like to remind Faculty and Students that the last day to WITHDRAW from one or more full semester courses for Fall 2016 is Friday, November 11th.

A few things you should know about “Withdrawing” from a course include:

 ·NEVER withdraw from a course without checking with your advisor first.

·Be sure to discuss with Scholarships and Financial Aid the impact withdrawing will have on your scholarships and aid packages.

·Be sure to discuss with University Housing how withdrawing may impact your housing eligibility.

·If your full-time or part-time enrollment is verified to receive discounts on your medical/car insurance or your parents’ health and auto insurance, withdrawing from classes may affect your eligibility for continued discounts.

 If you have questions about withdrawing from a course, please stop in and see me.

-Stephanie M. Kuenning  

Beginning Wednesday, October 19th the media center will be utilizing the overnight mail slot to drop off prints. Students are encouraged to use the mail slot to drop off their prints instead of waiting in the hallway all morning for us to open. Printing priority will be first come, first serve to those who fill out the form and place it in the designated mail slot. This will make it faster, safer and easier for us to handle early morning printing and allow the students to get some much needed rest when meeting tight deadlines. Again, to be clear, print jobs will be processed in order of arrival.   

We will also be upgrading the Arch21 color printer in the Media Center. This is the 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17” printer that is linked through paper cut. The current color printer will be moved to the computer lab in room 23 for 24 hour color printing access through paper cut. Arch23Color will be stocked with regular 20lb paper and cost .25 cents for an 8.5” x 11” page and .50 cents for an 11” x 17” page. The new Arch21 will continue to provide the heavier 60lb paper for more professional prints and still be linked through paper cut.   

Finally, we would just like to remind students, when using the laser cutter, that if they are uncertain about anything, please ask a Media Center employee for help. We have had a few situations over the past couple of weeks that could have been avoided by basic trouble shooting. Some basic tips: always Z the machine, double check the power/speed settings for the machine being used, make sure the material being used has been approved for use on the machines. If anyone has any concerns, we are more than happy to go over the laser cutting procedures and provide additional training.   
Date: Oct. 24th
Time: 11:30–1:30 pm

Date: Oct. 25 & 27
Time:  11:00 –12:30 pm
Place: South Barn
Date: Oct. 26  
Time: 5–7 pm
Place: Fritz & Lloyd Interiors

Date:  Oct. 28th
Time: 9pm
Place: Link

Date: Nov. 4, 2016
Time: 5–8 pm
Place: Arch Gallery & Link  

Date: Nov. 9th
Time: 7pm
Place: Witherspoon Hall, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, 

Date: Feb. 23rd & 24th
Time: 8-5 pm
Date: Nov. 3
Time: 7 pm
Place: KANEKO - Omaha

Date: Dec. 28-Jan 2
Place: Boston


Submission of Paper & Poster Proposals: Nov. 7, 2016
Notification:  Nov. 25th Conf. Registration Opens:  Dec. 15th
Conference: Feb. 2,3,4, 2017

Game Day Reminder

For those of you not familiar with the university's pregame planning, football game days provide challenges in the security of buildings used for academic, research and business operations on City Campus. Many fans would like to use university facilities for breaks, restrooms or sightseeing.  Some even see the possibility of accessing our buildings as an opportunity to steal computers, etc. Common practice is that all buildings near the stadium are locked about three to five hours before kickoff. We ask your help in keeping the buildings on City Campus, particularly those close to Memorial Stadium or along the main walkways to the stadium, locked and secured. Please avoid using the building in the hours before kickoff and help us keep unauthorized people out. Thank you,  

Owen Yardley
Chief of Police