Dr. Zhenghong Tang, Associate Professor of Community and Regional Planning, was interviewed in his office this past week by Maxwell Massey, anchor/video journalist from 10/11 News, the Lincoln and Grand Island television station. Dr. Tang is principal investigator for an innovative wetlands monitoring project, funded by a $203,220 research award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The story was broadcast October 26 and MCRP student Qiao Hu was also present for the interview.  More-

With more or less six-weeks left in the semester, students and faculty are excited to be moving towards their final studio assignment. LARC 210 studio is discovering, through journey mapping, the users they will be accommodating for their courtyard designs.  LARC 310 studio recently presented their design proposals for Lincoln’s N. 48th St. landfill.  Their proposals included and Argument Panel, positioning their design proposal and an Early Implementation Panel, describing site preparation and implementation over the first five-years while accommodating the current landfilling and public access.  Based on jury input, they will be moving towards refining their program that will translate into a detailed site design.  And DSGN 410 is finalizing their living suburbia framework plans for the 450 acre Boys Town site which is the basis for launching the final phase, the design of a home, a new way to live in suburbia.  

Did you know that the Interior Design program also offers an MS in Architecture: Specialization in Interior Design degree? I have spent the past eight weeks updating all of you about the undergraduate program here in the College, but our faculty dedicate a lot of their time to teaching, delivering and advising our graduate students through a 36 credit hour online program. The program is a post-professional degree which allows students to examine current issues in depth and develop expertise in a variety of potential topics.  More- 
The College of Architecture was well represented by faculty at the American Society of Landscape Architects conference. David Karle and Sarah Karle served as panelists and Wayne Drummond was given Honorary Membership. This week Yunwoo Nam will present at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning conference. More-
Student Competitions 

Submission Deadline is Nov. 1, 2016.  

Friendly reminders: AIAS has a signature conference coming up and if you need computer help, Tau Sigma Delta is at your service! More-

ACE – Achievement Centered Education As you know, all undergraduate students are required to meet ALL 10 ACE outcomes prior to graduation.  Consisting of 10 student learning outcomes, ACE was developed to help students of every major develop skills, build knowledge, exercise social responsibility and integrate and apply those capabilities. By taking ACE courses you will learn to:

  • Write better and communicate more clearly in various ways
  • Sharpen your math abilities
  • Think like a scientist, humanist, social scientist and artist
  • Expand your horizons in the areas of ethics, diversity and global awareness
  • Integrate what you've learned and apply that knowledge to develop solutions to new problemsAs you know the majority of ACE outcomes are met by program requirements, with the exceptions being:ACE 6 – Social Sciences and Human BehaviorACE 8 – Civics and EthicsACE 9 – Global Awareness and Human Diversity Have you met with your advisor to make sure you have taken courses to meet you ACE 6, 8 and 9 outcomes?  If not, use this pre-registration period to double check and make sure you are on track for graduation.A comprehensive list of ACE courses is available here: 

-Stephanie M. Kuenning  


The paint room offers all students an area important to create the models needed to demonstrate student abilities. Therefore, to make the room as nice as the work coming out of it, starting the week of December 12, 2016, the paint booth will undergo a facelift. Facilities will be in to remove the cork from the walls, smooth and paint them so they are nice and fresh. Then, they will install a plexi-glass covering on the walls because the surface is easily cleaned, which will help to keep the paint room looking nice.

We ask all students to respect College facilities and not vandalize the paint room; please paint only within the hood with the exhaust fan operating. When these simple guidelines are not followed, not only does it create an unsightly area, but it is also a fire hazard as combustible materials coat surfaces. 

Date: Nov. 4, 2016
Time: 5–8 pm
Place: Arch Gallery & Link  

Date: Nov. 9th
Time: 7pm
Place: Witherspoon Hall, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, 

Date: Feb. 23rd & 24th
Time: 8-5 pm
Date: Nov. 3
Time: 7 pm
Place: KANEKO - Omaha

UNO Lecture:
Time:  6 pm
Place: UNO- Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center - Rooms 201/205/209

Date: Dec. 28-Jan 2
Place: Boston


Submission of Paper & Poster Proposals: Nov. 7, 2016
Notification: Nov. 25th Conf. Registration Opens:  Dec. 15th
Conference: Feb. 2,3,4, 2017

Game Day Reminder

For those of you not familiar with the university's pregame planning, football game days provide challenges in the security of buildings used for academic, research and business operations on City Campus. Many fans would like to use university facilities for breaks, restrooms or sightseeing.  Some even see the possibility of accessing our buildings as an opportunity to steal computers, etc. Common practice is that all buildings near the stadium are locked about three to five hours before kickoff. We ask your help in keeping the buildings on City Campus, particularly those close to Memorial Stadium or along the main walkways to the stadium, locked and secured. Please avoid using the building in the hours before kickoff and help us keep unauthorized people out. Thank you,  

Owen Yardley
Chief of Police