Much-anticipated events occur this week - from the first meetings of some of our student groups (get involved!) to our Open House and Parking Day on Friday, to the kick-off of our Hyde Lecture Series with Friday's lecture by current Hyde Chair of Excellence Cristina Murphy. Her talk (4:00 in Richards Hall Room 15) is titled: DESIGNING FOR LIFE. Lives, Places And Institutions. Cristina is a dynamic professional and you can learn more about her here.

Students, in addition to the events noted above, be sure to explore these great ways to get involved with your profession and your peers!

AIAS: Upcoming events include the Mentorship Kick-Off and volunteer opportunities for the Lincoln Home Tours AIA. Learn More-

SPAN: Today is the first meeting of the semester - 4:00 - 4:30 in ARCH 305. Learn More-

Tau Sigma Delta: The Digital Design Help Desk is every Wednesday in the Barn from 7-10PM. Open to all students - check it out! Learn More-

USGBC: First meeting occurs today at 4:30 in the South Barn! Everyone is welcome and your attendance is not a commitment of membership. Learn more-

A festive time at the New Dean Welcome 

One of the most anticipated annual events hosted by the College of Architecture is PARK(ing) Day which will be held this Friday from 9-5pm in downtown Lincoln. An estimated 45 architecture students will install an exhibition that transforms parking stalls on P Street into temporary, urban, public parks and spaces.

Lincoln's PARK(ing) Day is part of a larger global movement where citizens, designers and activists collaborate to change parking spots into habitable, park-like spaces for a day. Learn More-

Community and Regional Planning alumni Becky Hanna (MCRP 1978) and Tim Keelan (MCRP 1978) visited the CRP program’s “Professional Planning Practice” class on Thursday, September 8. Hanna and Keelan, both of whom are among the first dozen graduates of the MCRP program,  Learn More- 

Ted Lagrange, Wetland Program Manager at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, gave a presentation, “Wetlands of Nebraska,” to Dr. Zhenghong Tang's “Environmental Planning and Policy” class.
This week both 2nd and 3rd year ID studios will be having reviews. The 2nd year interior studios will pinup up their work on Monday, September 12th from 9:00-10:30 in the Gallery. Together with the 2nd year Landscape Architecture studio, students analyzed Richard Diebenkorn Paintings. To begin the process, students analyzed the design principles embedded in the paintings, then abstracted these  Learn More-
A new exhibition in the Kruger Gallery is using miniatures to explore the imagination of childhood. The exhibition, "Dream Space | Play Space: Celebrating the Imagination of Childhood and the Magic of a Miniature" features 12 scenes that examine the fantasies, fears and pleasures of children. Learn more-

Landscape Architecture students… a catalyst, participate and get involved! On Tuesday, September 13th the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hosting the first of a series of Husker Dialogues. These sessions are designed to introduce students to tools they can use to engage in meaningful conversations focused on topics of inclusion and diversity. These important conversations are aligned with the Landscape Architecture Program’s commitment to developing the whole student through its curriculum with racial and social justice at its core. Over the past seven years, the Program has provided students with opportunities to work alongside diverse populations. Learn More-


Faculty are continuing to do an outstanding job representing the College here and nationally. 

Cristina Murphy’s XCOOP office, is a finalist for the SXSWEco in Austin, TX. Their project entitled Globe-Miami: A Creative Community Designing for Life was part of their Revitalization category.

Rumiko Handa’s letter to the editor is in the current (Fall 2016) issue of Architecture Boston. Learn More- 


Student Competitions 

Aarhus School of Architecture, schmidt hammer lassen architects, VOLA, and Danish Arts Foundation proudly announce the fourth joint venture international student competition Drawing of the Year 2016. This year’s theme is Habitation. 

The Architecture Newspaper Best of Design Awards is now accepting applications. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your great buildings, building elements, and other architectural-based categories that are not covered by other competitions.  

Remember, the College may assist students in paying for registration fees for approved events and competitions. Visit with your advisor about this great opportunity.

Date: Sept. 13th
Time: 5:30 & 7:30 pm
Place:   Lied Center Main Stage

Date: Sept. 16th
Time: 8 am start

Date: Sept. 16th
Time:  9-4pm
Place: P Street (11th-14th)

Hyde Lecture
Date: Sept. 16th
Time: 4 pm
Place: Richards Hall 15

Hyde Lecture
Date: Sept. 29th
Time: 4 pm

ID Internship Presentation
Date: Sept. 28th
Time: 4:30-6 pm
Place:  Arch Gallery

Mid-Center Modern Architecture
Date: Oct. 9th
Time: 1-3:30 pm

Date: Oct. 24th
Time: 11:30–1:30 pm

Date: Feb. 23 & 24
Time: 8-5pm


Date: Sept. 29-30th


Did you know that that UNL offers academic success workshops to ALL undergraduate students for free?  The workshops cover a variety of topics including TIME MANAGEMENT – which Leslie and I believe to be the most consistently covered topic we discuss in our individual advising sessions.  If you need an extra push to help you become a better time manager – please consider attending one of these workshops: 

Other topics covered include:  “Note Taking,” “Procrastination & Motivation,” and “Test Prep and Test Taking.” 

-Stephanie M. Kuenning

Game Day Reminder

For those of you not familiar with the university's pregame planning, football game days provide challenges in the security of buildings used for academic, research and business operations on City Campus. Many fans would like to use university facilities for breaks, restrooms or sightseeing.  Some even see the possibility of accessing our buildings as an opportunity to steal computers, etc. Common practice is that all buildings near the stadium are locked about three to five hours before kickoff. We ask your help in keeping the buildings on City Campus, particularly those close to Memorial Stadium or along the main walkways to the stadium, locked and secured. Please avoid using the building in the hours before kickoff and help us keep unauthorized people out. Thank you,  

Owen Yardley
Chief of Police