Last Thursday and Friday we benefited from the insights and expertise of our Professional Advisory Council (PAC) as they came from around the country to contribute in many ways to the future of our College. The overriding theme of our session was "Leverage + Synergy" and we explored ideas to maximize our relationships to advantage the education of our students. Chancellor Green spoke to the group of his goals for the University, inspiring our afternoon visioning sessions. Each of the professional organizations and CAFA had the opportunity to be represented with a liaison, contributing well to the overall discussions. 

We are indeed fortunate to have such loyal and passionate alumni and friends!
It was great to see what a large reception we had for Martina Saltamacchia’s research presentation for Brian Kelly’s fourth year studio; and a special thank you to Brian for opening up the lecture to the rest of the College.  Other lectures to put on your radar are the upcoming Hyde Lectures from Hyde Chair Cristina Murphy this Sept. 16th and Michael Bongiorno Sept. 29th. See the Events Calendar for more details.
The Community and Regional Planning (CRP) program hosted a strategic planning retreat of the executive board of the Nebraska Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA) on Friday, August 26, in Architecture Hall. The first portion of the retreat included a meeting of the executive board with our new dean, Katherine Ankerson  Learn More-  

It has been an exciting beginning to the semester, and I couldn’t be more pleased with everyone’s progress. It has been rewarding to see our students grow within their own discipline and also in collaborations with other studios. I wanted to share with you a photo of the 2nd year ID studio, working together to navigate all the skills to master the methods of orthographic projection and compositional strategies. See below. Keep up the good work everyone!

Landscape architecture faculty build discipline knowledge through engaged planning and design research. Our faculty seek ways to be more relevant and to bring their area expertise to bear on social and environmental problems and offer leadership in our communities and to local, state and national governmental agencies.  See in the faculty news section how our efforts and collaborations are making a real difference. 


Faculty are continuing to represent the College here and nationally. Peter Olshavsky was honored with an award from Education Abroad, Dan Piatkowski had two papers accepted, Richard Sutton has been working on a short grass prairie model for ultra-thin extensive green roofs, and Sarah Karle has been doing research with socially and ecologically resilient landscapes to name just a few.  Learn More- 


Student Competition

The Drawing of the Year 2016 student competition will focus exclusively on sketches and drawings created using digital technology. The aim of the competition is to continuously explore new tendencies in architectural drawing and challenge the use of new techniques and mixed media. See the link above for more details.

Scholarship Opportunity

Applications for The J. Armand Bergun Fellowship are now available. Learn More-


Students, check out these great ways to get involved with your profession and your peers! You could be the winner of a t-shirt design contest.  Learn More-

Date: Sept. 9th
Time: 4-7 pm
Dr. Susan Sheridon Lecture
Date: Sept. 7
Time: 3:30-4:30 pm
Place: Arch Hall Gallery

Vanessa Schutte and Nate Bicak will host a very special presentation for their Education 4th year Collaborate Studio.  Dr. Susan Sheridon, Director, Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools with the College of Education and Human Sciences, will present a lecture on current issues surrounding education.  
If you would like to attend, they are opening up the presentation for all College of Architecture students. Just speak with your instructor for approval. 
Date: Sept. 13th
Time: 5:30 & 7:30 pm
Place:   Lied Center Main Stage

Date: Sept. 16th
Time: 8 am start

Date: Sept. 16th
Time:  9-4pm

Hyde Lecture
Date: Sept. 16th
Time: 4 pm

Hyde Lecture
Date: Sept. 29th
Time: 4 pm

ID Internship Presentation
Date: Sept. 28th
Time: 4:30-6 pm
Place:  Arch Gallery

Mid-Center Modern Architecture
Date: Oct. 9th
Time: 1-3:30 pm

Date: Oct. 24th
Time: 11:30–1:30 pm

Date: Feb. 23 & 24
Time: 8-5pm


Date: Sept. 29-30th

Math & Physics Help!

Did you know that both the Math Department and Physics Departments offer free tutoring through their Resource Centers?  Leslie and I strongly suggest that you visit these resource rooms if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by Math or Physics.  It is much better to start using the lab resources now, than later! 

The Math Resource Center is a free tutoring service and is the primary facility for undergrad students who have questions about any pre-calculus or calculus course offered at UNL.  No appointments are necessary!  See their website for hours.

The Physics Resource Room offers assistance with introductory Physics courses (including PHYS 151!) during the fall and spring semesters.  Graduate students provide tutoring and homework help.  Check out their site for their hours.

Please remember, students in the College of Architecture must receive a grade of C or better to pass Calculus.  And Architecture Students must receive a grade of C or better to pass Physics.  (Interior Design students using Physics for their Natural Science elective must also pass Physics with a C or better.)

Stephanie M. Kuenning