A Message from the Dean 

This past semester has been full. We celebrated the completion of the modernization and expansion of the Creative Arts Center with a series of area-tailored Destination Art events including the Stein Art Galleries Champagne Toast and the successful Open House. Our faculty, staff, and students are so excited to be in their new facilities! We now have the creative house that matches the skills, talent, and drive of our fantastic students. And if you haven't seen the Creative Arts Center at night with the entrance lights, it is a must-see.  We also hosted families for ArtsFair where we engaged excited kids with our wonderful students, faculty, and staff in our many arts venues including painting, dancing, drumming, acting, building, and overall rousting about.

This coming semester we will celebrate the creation of the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) with an Open House event on February 21 featuring keynote speaker Tony Hall, 20-year member of the US House of Representatives. SPIA represents the merger of the departments of Political Science and Urban Affairs & Geography that creates an area of excellence in Policy with the collaboration of the Applied Policy Research Institute (APRI). We are excited about the reinstallation of the Sol LeWitt in the Stein Art Galleries in February, with sponsorship by CELIA - our Ohio Center for Excellence in the Arts, and the 18th ARTSGALA which should prove to be another record breaking year - get your tickets now!!.
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Kristin Sobolik
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

MODERN: Reimagining the New
"MODERN: Reimagining the New. A Window into the making of the Modern Art movement is the theme to the series of CELIA  events that will feature work by artist Sol LeWitt, Sō Percussion, and Dwight Rhoden and his Complexions Contemporary Ballet. The events began January 19 and will run through September 28. "The end result is going to be a very, very significant event here on campus for pretty much the whole year," said Hank Dahlman, director of Collaborative  Education, Leadership, and Innovation in the Arts (CELIA).  

An Afternoon With a Legend  

Back row left to right: Dance Faculty Gregory Robinson, Teressa McWilliams, and Gina Walther, and their students.  Front row: Mrs. Nutter and ARTSGALA Scholarship recipient, Heather Cagle. 
At the end of the fall semester, Wright State was honored by the presence of Mrs. Zoe Dell Nutter. Mrs. Nutter was a legendary woman of her time with a long list of accomplishments. She is also a very important sponsor of the ARTSGALA Scholarship. Wright State dance students performed for her and got a chance to meet and mingle afterwards. Speaking about her visit, Mrs. Nutter said, "I had such an amazing experience at the dance rehearsal. The dancers are all so talented and passionate about what they do. It is so great to watch people do what they love to do. That is how you succeed... love what you do and follow your dreams." 
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Ancient Science Fair

In early December the Department of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics presented the second Ancient Science Fair at Wright State. The event was the culmination of the Ancient Science Course taught by Rebecca Edwards and Erik Banks. Participation was outstanding with 24 students of various majors presenting their research on Greek and Roman war technology, Greco-Roman engineering, and ancient medicine. Exhibits also included a demonstration of Archimedes' principle and a mathematical calculation of how many grains of sands it would take to fill the universe. The event and the Ancient Science Course were sponsored by a generous donation from Michael and Holly Di Flora. Our students are grateful for their support

CoLA Authors Celebration

At CoLA fourth annual Authors Celebration we celebrated six faculty who published books or CDs during 2016. 

Attendees heard remarks from the authors, browsed their books/CD, and discussed their various research findings. Scintillating topics ranged from religious "huckstering" in the Roman Empire and early Christian church, political alignments in the Mediterranean world after the Visgoths, unlikely and surprising comparisons of Chinese and Brazilian politics, the flowering of multicultural living and learning in South Asia during the 16th century, and a cutting edge jazz collaboration at Wright State. Congratulations to CoLA's hardworking (hard-writing) faculty! 

Authors: Laura Leuhrmann, December Green, Ksenia Bonch Reeves, Daniel Zehringer, Valerie Stoker, and Dean Kristin Sobolik. Missing from photo: Heidi Wendt.
Motion Picture's Chinonye Chukwu Launches Pioneering Film Project with Incarcerated Women

Chinonye Chukwu is an assistant professor of motion pictures and the brains behind the "Pens to Pictures" project. The project highlights five stories written by incarcerated women at the Dayton Correctional Institute. Chukwu taught a screenwriting class at the prison and helped the women develop their scripts and turn them into films. She became deeply passionate about advocating for those who are incarcerated and wanted to share the women's experiences with the community.  Chukwu believes the films will bring respect to women who have been scorned by society and give them a voice and the opportunity to share their stories. Chukwu said the film project has been the most transformative experience of her life and has "expanded my capacity for love and kindness and has really rooted me in purpose. It has changed my life." 

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Organizational Communication Alumna at the Wheel of Historic Clifton Mill
Jessica Noes, '04 first began working in the historic Clifton Mill as a restaurant server while she was in high school. After graduating Xenia High School in 1998, Noes enrolled at Wright State to pursue a degree in Organizational Communication. Noes continued to work at the mill while in college and became weekend manager during her junior year. After graduation, Noes tried her hand at retail but quickly realized that her true calling was to be at the mill. When the owner offered to make her general manager in 2006, she could not refuse. "There is a charm to the mill," she said. "And when you've been here 20 years, you're part of a family." She now oversees all operations at Clifton including the annual Christmas light display which includes over 4 million lights.

English Degree Useful in Flourishing Plumbing Business

Chris Heeter has always been a hard worker since he was a kid delivering newspapers. Growing up he had a dream of becoming a lawyer. While working as a paralegal, Heeter enrolled at Wright State in 1990 and began his studies for pre-law in English. However, Heeter quickly learned of all the negative experiences that attorneys deal with such as death, divorce, and malpractice and decided to jump ship. In 1998 he began to work in his uncle's plumbing shop and learn the trade. He later returned to Wright State to finish his degree in 2004. He now owns his own successful plumbing business that operates in two states. He says that the writing, communication, and computer skills he has learned during his studies has given him the right tools to operate a successful and growing business.
ArtsFair Makes Impact on Families

Last December the College of Liberal Arts hosted a family-friendly arts event called ArtsFair in the newly renovated Creative Arts Center. Sponsored by Morris Furniture Company, ArtsFair provided all sorts of fun and engaging activities including live theatre performances, dance and acting classes, interactive art, and even make-your-own instrument activities along with a tasty breakfast. ArtsFair allows children to explore the many avenues that art and education can take them and to showcase the fine and performing arts to other community members of all ages.

Jeremy Farley, a sophomore acting major, describes what he loves about ArtsFair: "You see [the kids] light up, bringing that energy of happiness and fun and joy and creativity. You can see it on their face when they look at you." 

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Mark Your Calendar - Exciting Upcoming Events

Events Hosted by the Wright State Alumni Association.

ARTSGALA - April 8, 2017

Please join us for the next ARTSGALA on April 8 as we celebrate the completion of the Creative Arts Center Modernization and Expansion with an amazing newly renovated Commons space and student performances that will inspire you!  All net proceeds from this event support much-needed arts scholarships. For more information, visit our website or follow us on  Facebook.

Come enjoy the fine and performing arts at Wright State! Click on the links below for the calendar of events for Wright State's music and theatre performances as well as art exhibitions. Don't miss the great entertainment!
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