BCC ACCESS NEWSLETTER                         September 2020
BCC High School CollegeTracks Team
      Mrs. Patricia Olszewski                                     Ms. Rahel Mehreteab
     Program Director                                                   Program Coordinator
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We are so excited to work with you throughout the entire college process. There is a lot to accomplish, but don't worry! We are here to support you along the way. 

Virtual College Application Support

Even though we are virtual, CollegeTracks will still be able to help through virtual office hours and 1-on-1 meetings.

Senior To Do List
  • Complete your Resume and Self-Reflection on Google Classroom.
  • Start on your College Essay and submit to Google Classroom and your virtual folder for review and feedback.
  • Review your College List with us.
  • Begin completing your Common Application for schools that require it.
  • Create an FSA ID and MDCAPS account for financial aid purposes.
  • Identify 4 scholarships to apply for.
  • Bookmark our new website. Access our website here!


As a result of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, colleges recognize students do not have access to taking the SAT/ACT which is usually required for college admissions.


This means that many colleges are test optional for Fall 2021 applicants, meaning they do NOT require test scores for admission.


Here is an updated list of schools that are currently test optional.


MaximizeCollegeMaximize Your College Options!

  • VIRTUAL COLLEGE TOURS: Multiple colleges have created virtual tours online so students can still see the campus and get a feel for the school. This is a way to get to know about the colleges you're interested in.


  • APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: Check out the CollegeTracks scholarship packet, check your emails from CollegeTracks, and do scholarship searches to access more money for college.

  • TRACK YOUR DEADLINESThere are multiple deadlines in the college application process. Make a list of these deadlines and utilize your college matrix and virtual to do list so you don't forget important dates.

  • STRIVE FOR A 2.5 GPA OR ABOVE!: Don't forget to focus on your schoolwork and try your best in all your classes. If you are struggling in a class, make sure you talk to your teacher to get the help you need.



 Let Mrs. Olszewski or Ms. Mehreteab know if you're applying for any of these scholarships! 

NAME: Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest
DUE DATE: 9/21/20
AMOUNT: Up to $25,000
ELIGIBILITY: No application required. No citizenship eligibility required. Must be a senior in high school or in college. Essay between 800 and 1600 words required. One entry per student per contest.
MORE INFO: Click here

NAME: Shout it Out Scholarship 
DUE DATE: 9/30/20
AMOUNT: $1500
ELIGIBILITY: Be a high school student. Must be U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. Must submit a 250 word or less essay on the following topic: "If you could say one thing to the entire world at once, what would it be and why?"
MORE INFO: Click here

NAME: Because College is Expensive Scholarship
DUE DATE: 9/30/20
AMOUNT: $500
ELIGIBILITY: Grades 11-12. Must be US citizen, permanent resident or have a valid visa. Must be planning to enroll in college within the next 24 months. One entry per person. "Like" them on Facebook for an extra entry.
MORE INFO: Click here


University of Maryland
College Park

Location: College Park, Maryland
Application Deadlines:
November 1 (Priority) | January 20 (Regular)


1. UMD-College Park is a very large research university that has over 40,000 students.

2. There are over 90 different undergraduate majors. Some include: Criminology, Aerospace Engineering, Human Development, and Public Policy.

3. UMD has its very own Zen garden. The Garden of Reflection and Remembrance is a place that many visit just to have a calm place to visit on campus.

4. UMD has over 800 clubs, sports, fraternities, and sororities, so getting involved on campus will be easy.

Learn more about UMD here!

CollegeTracks staff are available to communicate with students and parents via text, email, social media, or by phone. 

Our hours are as follows:

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need any form of support!